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MCOC Top 10 Champions June 2023

Marvel Contest of Champions

Hello everyone πŸ˜€

Looking for MCOC Top 10 Offense Champions? or MCOC Top 10 Defense Championsthen must read this article.

Here you will get all your answer regarding MCOC Best Champs For Offense and Defense by class. for AQ Attack/AW Attack - Defense/Story Quest Attack/Event Quest/Variant Quest/Special Quest.

Today I cover my thoughts on the Top 10 Best Champs of each class in Marvel Contest of Champions @ June 2023 as I rank them from 1 to 10.

MCOC Mutant Class Champs

Who is the best mutant champion in MCOC?

Top 10 Mutant Champions (For Story Quest/Event Quest/AQ & AW Attack)

  • Magneto OG (Red Suit)
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Apocalypse
  • Archangel
  • Colossus
  • Professor X
  • Omega Red (My personal opinion: He is in top 10 list just bcoz of suicide mastery setup advantage, Without suicide mastery he not deserve place in top 10)
  • Domino
  • Storm (OG)
  • Stryfe

Top 10 Mutant Champions (For AW Defense Placement | MCOC Best Defenders)

  • Bishop
  • Domino
  • Sauron
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Toad
  • Apocalypse
  • Mister Sinister
  • Professor X
  • Nightcrawler
  • Storm Pyramid X

MCOC Skill Class Champs

Who is the best skill champion in MCOC?

Top 10 Skill Champions (For Story Quest/Event Quest/AQ & AW Attack)

  • Nick Fury
  • Kingpin
  • Valkyrie
  • Falcon
  • Shang Chi
  • Mole Man
  • Hit Monkey
  • Jabari Panther
  • Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
  • Aegon

Top 10 Skill Champions (For AW Defense Placement | MCOC Best Defenders)

  • Nick Fury
  • Korg
  • Killmonger
  • Kraven
  • Hit Monkey
  • Mole Man
  • Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
  • Jabari Panther
  • Kingpin
  • Agent Venom

MCOC Science Class Champs

Who is the best science champion in MCOC?

Top 10 Science Champions (For Story Quest/Event Quest/AQ & AW Attack)

  • Quake
  • Human Torch
  • Scorpion
  • Quicksilver
  • Captain America (Infinity War)
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Immortal Abomination and Immortal Hulk (Tie Between these champs)
  • Mister Negative and Mister Fantastic (Tie Between these champs)
  • Spider-Man MM and Spider Ham (Tie Between these champs)
  • Void

Top 10 Science Champions (For AW Defense Placement | MCOC Best Defenders)

  • Thing
  • Spot
  • Scorpion
  • Spider-Ham
  • Immortal Hulk
  • Immortal Abomination
  • Quicksilver
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Invisible Woman

MCOC Mystic Class Champs

Who is the best mystic champion in MCOC?

Top 10 Mystic Champions (For Story Quest/Event Quest/AQ & AW Attack) 

  • Doctor Doom
  • Tigra
  • Rintrah
  • Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
  • Diablo
  • Absorbing Man
  • The Hood
  • Scarlet Witch (Both)
  • Magik
  • Wiccan

Top 10 Mystic Champions (For AW Defense Placement | MCOC Best Defenders)

  • Doctor Doom
  • Ebony Maw
  • America Chivaz
  • Mojo 
  • Sasquatch & MANGOG (Tie Between these champs)
  • Mordo
  • Dormammu & Man Thing (Tie Between these champs)
  • Dragon Man
  • Wong
  • Mephisto

MCOC Cosmic Class Champs

Who is the best cosmic champion in MCOC?

Top 10 Cosmic Champions (For Story Quest/Event Quest/AQ & AW Attack)

  • Hercules
  • Galan
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider
  • Hulkling
  • Angela
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Hyperion
  • Knull
  • Venom and Venompool (Tie Between these champs)
  • Gamora and Odin (Tie Between these champs)

Top 10 Cosmic Champions (For AW Defense Placement | MCOC Best Defenders)

  • Knull
  • Hulkling
  • Sersi
  • Terrax
  • Annihilus
  • Galan
  • Hyperion
  • Nova
  • Silver Surfer & Vision Aarkus (Tie Between these champs)
  • Medusa & Heimdall (Tie Between these champs)

MCOC Tech Class Champs

Who is the best tech champion in MCOC?

Top 10 Tech Champions (For Story Quest/Event Quest/AQ & AW Attack)

  • Ghost
  • Nimrod
  • Warlock
  • Ultron
  • Infamous Iron Man
  • Nebula
  • Guillotine 2099
  • Omega Sentinel
  • Stark Spidey
  • Hulkbuster and Guardian(Tie Between these champs)

Top 10 Tech Champions (For AW Defense Placement | MCOC Best Defenders)

  • Penni Parker
  • Infamous Iron Man
  • Warlock
  • Iron Man (Infinity War)
  • Guillotine 2099
  • Darkhawk
  • Guardian
  • Hulkbuster
  • Nimrod
  • Mysterio

IMO these are MCOC Top 10 champions list June 2023 which is mentioned above. The list is based on the assumption that they all are duped.

So friends are you agree/disagree with these list?  let me know via comment, mention your top 10 champ list per class also write why they deserve in top 10. 

Suggestions are most welcome and I will look into it, If I found any appropriate comment then I'll update the list asap.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. Replies
    1. I am pretty new if I say so my self, I picked up a 4 star spider man stealth suit and wanted to check if it was good I heard lots of compliments about the champ so I want to ask is 5 star non-duped ikaris any good?

  2. Nice list, overall agree with most of it

    However little sad to see, No love for black widow deadly origins, I would put her in top skill... her damage is insane, yes she doesn't have a lot of utility but amount of damage she does makes up for it in my opinion. I would say she is certainly better then massacre or squirrel girl. I also prefer her to Night Thrasher, Killmonger, and Gwenpool. But I think her and the three of those are all pretty close in terms of how good they are and it comes down to preference at that point

    1. Her block proficiency is very low and receiving hit damage is higher than average. Small prize for that high damage sp2.

    2. She is one that eludes me and I think she's really fun to play, maybe the top DOT champ in the game, evades nicely and has some really smooth moves, don't want block damage then don't block, treat her as a sparky and play the dex game

  3. Not much pizzazz, but Old Man Logan is a devastating mutant. SP1 is big and a second sp1 is huge. Regeneration is not great, but blocking and offense make it not essential. Good list, though!

    1. Sabertooth Mysterio synergy really cranks up his healing factor, and deep wounds mastery is insane bleed damage… he’s my top champ!

  4. Bhai awesome work, thats help me to choose what I max out first.


    1. Welcome Bhai πŸ˜„
      Click Here to view Best Champs to Rank Up Guide Also don't forget to share website link with your alliance teammates πŸ‘

  5. You missed luke of the best champs out there if duped... Was my MVP in the quest to cavalier...hits like a tank even without any synergy... That indestructible can tank sp3 without any damage... And sp1 stun is super useful... Super useful in aq and event quests

  6. A bit surprised that blade and dragon man not in the list for attack.
    I do think blade is better than kingpin and mole man.
    But good list anyway.

    1. Hey Hello Buddy :) Welcome to MCOC GUIDE BLOG.
      Dragon Man is added in Attack list. Thanks for pointing me on this...

      Trust me buddy Mole Man & Kingpin Buff Version is way better than Blade Right Now.

      But it doesn't mean Blade is now outdated. He is good but for limited content only..

  7. Man. Spiderman stark enhanced gives the best critical damage. Without dupe.

  8. America Chavez is great for defense and has a massive damage, but you have to know how use it.

  9. Angela that low ranked? She deserves more than a split with CMM…which is outdated and nowhere near the top 10. One of 2 champs in this game that is immune to all DOT. Can parry no-cantact attacks, immune to nullify and auto-block, sp3 based champ, which makes her awesome with suicides. With OG Thor relic she only gets even stronger, and she has as R4 70-80k 5 hits combos. Queen of everything! πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

  10. OVERSEER? He definitely deserves to be on the list for offense and defense. I recommend you give him a whirl.


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