MCOC Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 1 Completion Guide | Easy Path


MCOC Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 1 Easy Path

Looking for Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 1 easy path guide? Then yes guys you are on right website. Here you will get all details of Act 7.1 Including Easiest Paths, Node Details, Best Champs suggestion For Path as well as Boss, Maps and Gameplay Video Guide. So Don't forget to share this webpage with your Alliance Teammates + Friends; as well as Bookmark this page.

🚩 Act 7.1.1 Easy Path [Flare & Colorblind Path]

  1. Ronan
  2. Storm
  3. Iron Fist (Immortal)
  4. Red Guardian
  5. Gwenpool
  6. Ultron
  7. Yondu (Final Boss)

Best Champs For Act 7.1.1 Path: Use a champ with class advantage or Regen to survive the Degen. (Blade, Black Widow(CV), Rogue, Warlock, Nick Fury, Hyperion, CGR)

🌏 Boss – Yondu Active Nodes:
  • Feats of Power: When above 1 Bar of Power, gain a Fury Buff. When above 2 Bars of Power, gain a Precision Buff. When at 3 Bars of Power, gain a Cruelty Buff.
  • Rich get Richer -1: Whichever Champion has more Unique Buffs gains 5% of a bar of Power every second.
  • Super-Masochism 1: Every 5 seconds the next Stun, Bleed, Poison, Shock, Incinerate, Coldsnap, or Rupture Debuff triggered on the Defender is immediately Purified and applied to the Attacker. Each time this effect triggers, the Defender will Regenerate 5% of their Max Health. Knocking Down the Defender refreshes the cooldown and increases future cooldown timers by 1 second(s).
⭐ Best Counters For Act 7.1.1 Yondu Boss: Ghost, Hyperion, Angela, Corvus Glaive, CGR, Stark Spidey, Quake.

💥 Act 7.1.1 Gameplay Video:

🚩 Act 7.1.2 Easy Path [Mix Master & Special Delivery Path]

  1. Red Skull
  2. Black Panther (Classic)
  3. Doctor Octopus
  4. Silver Surfer
  5. Guillotine 2099
  6. Emma Frost
  7. Green Goblin (Final Boss)

⭐ Best Champs For Act 7.1.2 Path: Use champs that counter Mix Master Node (Like: Ghost, Falcon, Emma Frost, Quake, Corvus Glaive with Proxima Synergy, Vision Aarkus, Iceman, Mole Man, She Hulk, Spider Gwen, Nick Fury) or with other champs: Hit only during parry/stun.
Be alert to use special attack within 15 hits to avoid Degen. 
Suggested Masteries: Parry + Perfect Block + Stupefy = To increase stun duration.

🌏 Boss – Green Goblin Active Nodes:
  • Power Reserve: Special Attacks for both Champions cost 50% less Power.
  • Redlining: When the Attacker has more than 33% of their Max Power, they gain a Power Gain Passive which raises their Combat Power Rate by 100%. If the Attacker has more than 75% of their Max Power, they are immediately Power Drained down to zero.
  • Cramping: While under the effects of a Weakness Debuff , 10% of your power is drained every second and you take damage equal to 25% of the defenders attack if you hit the opponent.
⭐ Best Counters For Act 7.1.2 Green Goblin Boss: Corvus Glaive, Captain Marvel (Movie), Blade, Archangel, Magneto, Star Lord, Domino with Rulk Synergy and Aegon.
Counter Champs for Cramping Node: Maxed Sigh level of Captain America (IW) synergy with any skill class champ, Maxed Sigh level Namor, Killmonger with Void synergy, Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen)

💥 Act 7.1.2 Gameplay Video:

🚩 Act 7.1.3 Easy Path [Blaze & Power Shield Path]

  1. Gambit
  2. Karnak
  3. Captain America (Classic)
  4. Falcon
  5. Sorcerer Supreme
  6. Joe Fixit
  7. Vision Aarkus (Final Boss)

⭐ Best Champs For Act 7.1.3 Path: Use any high special damage champs (Like: CG, CMM, Colossus, Ghost etc..)

🌏 Boss – Vision Aarkus Active Nodes:
  • Special Burst Lock Down - 2: Whenever the Defender activates a Special Attack, the Attacker is afflicted with both a Heal Block and an Armor Break Debuff, lasting 10 seconds and reducing Armor Rating by 35%.
  • Power Shield: The Attacker's basic attacks deal no damage, but still generate power, and their Special Attacks deal X% more damage.
  • Power Reserve: Special Attacks for both Champions cost 50% less Power.
⭐ Best Counters For Act 7.1.3 Vision Aarkus Boss: Ghost, Doctor Doom, Symbiote Supreme, Colossus, Black Widow (CV), Sorcerer Supreme, Mephisto, Corvus Glaive, Blade, Silver Surfer.

💥 Act 7.1.3 Gameplay Video:

🚩 Act 7.1.4 Easy Path [Color Blind & Brute Force Path]

  1. Hulk Ragnarok
  2. Storm (Pyramid X)
  3. Nick Fury
  4. Thor (Jane Foster)
  5. Sentinel
  6. The Champion
  7. Hela (Final Boss)
⭐ Best Champs For Act 7.1.4 Path: No specific champs (Just Bring class advantage champs)

🌏 Boss – Hela Active Nodes:
  • Rust and Ruin: When the Defender is struck, 40% chance to inflict Armor Break on the Attacker, reducing the Attacker’s Armor Rating by 25% over 10 seconds. If the Attacker has 5 or more of these Armor Breaks active on them, they are consumed and turned into an indefinite Armor Break Debuff.
  • Counterstrike: Using the Dexterity Mastery to dodge an attack grants the Attacker a Passive Fury charge, increasing their Attack Rating by X% per charge. At X Fury charges all charges are lost and the Defender's attacks are Unblockable for X seconds.
  • Lazarus: The Defender begins the fight with X revival charges, which heal them for X% max Health whenever they would be knocked out. Every X Hits on the Attacker's Combo Meter removes X of these charges. When the Attacker loses a combo, the Defender gains a revival charge.
  • Heavy Assault: Both Champion's Attack is increased by 500% when using a Heavy Attack. While charging a Heavy Attack, this Defender is Unstoppable.
⭐ Best Counters For Act 7.1.4 Hela Boss: Doctor Doom, Symbiote Supreme, Black Widow (CV), Sorcerer Supreme, Magik, Morningstar, Blade Synergy with Ghost Rider.

💥 Act 7.1.4 Gameplay Video:

🚩 Act 7.1.5 Easy Path [Life Cycle & Hurt Locker Path]

  1. Mister Sinister
  2. Ultron
  3. Old-Man Logan
  4. Guillotine
  5. Sabretooth
  6. Guillotine 2099
  7. Electo Luke (Final Boss)
⭐ Best Champs For Act 7.1.5 Path: Bring champs who can Heal Block/Reversal. (Magneto, Warlock, Archangel, Void, Doctor Voodoo, Human Torch)

⭐ About Final Boss Electro Luke: Luke Cage has made a shocking discovery: Electro’s stunning electric powers are as addictive as they are effective! Unfortunately for everyone else those same powers have caused Luke to short circuit, turning him into a sadistic shock jockey on the hunt for fresh opponents.

🌏 Boss – Electo Luke Active Nodes:
  • Arrogance - Every 10 Hits on the Attacker's Combo Meter afflicts them with a Falter Passive. Falter causes their attacks to Miss, and lasts 3 second(s). When the Attacker is Struck, Falter is removed.
  • Combo Party - For every 10 hits on their Combo Meter, the Attacker gains a permanent Cruelty Buff, granting +500 Crit Damage Rating. When struck, the Attacker loses all Cruelty Buffs if their combo meter is lost and takes 40% of the Defender's attack as direct damage for each Cruelty Buff removed this way.
  • Power Buildup - When the Defender reaches 2 Bars of Power, they gain an indefinite Prowess Buff every 2 second(s) increasing Special Attack Damage by 100%.
  • Power Overflow - If this Defender has 10 Prowess Buffs when they activate a Special Attack it becomes Unblockable.
⭐ Best Counters For Act 7.1.5 Electo Luke Boss: Falcon, Crossbones, Namor (High Sigh lvl), Aegon (with combo hits 500+), Havok, Quake.

💥 Act 7.1.5 Gameplay Video:

🚩 Act 7.1.6 Easy Path [Clapback, Buffet & Eat Crow Path]

  1. Ebony Maw
  2. Mister Sinister
  3. Scarlet Witch
  4. Venompool
  5. Doctor Doom
  6. Archangel
  7. Spider-Witch (Final Boss)

⭐ Best Champs For Act 7.1.6 Path: Human Torch, Sunspot, Quake or Any Science Class Champ.

⭐ About Final Boss Spider-Witch: Already a formidable opponent, Spider-Gwen found her abilities suddenly enhanced with an infusion of chaos magic! Though the mystic energies have granted a variety of special powers their chaotic influence has warped Spider-Gwen’s mind, transforming her into an agent of chaos and destruction.

🌏 Boss – Spider-Witch Active Nodes:
  • Staggering Beauty - While close to the Defender, the Attacker gains a Stagger Debuff every 3 seconds, nullifying their next Buff effect. Staying far away from the Defender causes these Staggers to gradually fall off.
  • Power Buildup - When the Defender reaches 2 Bars of Power, they gain an indefinite Prowess Buff every 2 second(s) increasing Special Attack Damage by 100%.
  • Power Overflow - If this Defender has 10 Prowess Buffs when they activate a Special Attack it becomes Unblockable.
💥 Act 7.1.6 Gameplay Video:

🔥 MCOC Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 1 Rewards | Act 7.1:

MCOC Act 7 (Book 2 Act 1) Chapter 1 Rewards By MCOC Trucos
Image Credit: MCOC Trucos

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