MCOC Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 2 Completion Guide | Easy Path

MCOC ACT 7.2 Story Quest
Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 2 easy path guide

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Story Quest - Act 7 | Global Nodes:

  • WARNING: A special 3 is active.
  • Star Power: 6* attackers gain a permanent +700 fury.
  • Adrenaline Rush: The attacker gains up to 100% damage reduction at times, scaling with their current adrenaline.
  • Hold The Line: The attacker gains up to +80 block proficiency at all times scaling with their current Adrenaline.

Line Breaker

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 2.1 (Act 7.2.1) Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.2.1 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • Energy Adoption: Ice 2 - The Defender has a 50% chance to inflict the Attacker with Coldsnap each time the Defender is struck or the Attacker blocks an attack. These effects will not trigger while the Defender is suffering from an Armor Break Debuff. The Defender also takes 100% reduced damage from Coldsnap effects and gains a Regeneration Buff healing 1% of max health per second until the Coldsnap expires.
  • Energy Adoption: Fire 2 - The Defender has a 50% chance to inflict the Attacker with Incinerate on contact. These effects will not trigger while the Defender is suffering from a Bleed Debuff. The Defender also takes 100% reduced damage from Incinerate effects and gains a Regeneration Buff healing 1% of max health per second until the Incinerate expires.
  • Blood in the Water 2 - While the Attacker is suffering from a Debuff, the Defender gains a Passive Fury granting +150% Attack Rating lasting until all Debuffs on the Attacker expire.
  • Stun Vulnerability - While the Defender is Stunned, the Attacker's Attack Rating is increased by 200% when landing an attack.
  • Juggling Act: Coldsnap/Incinerate - The attacker start fight with an indefinite coldsnap immunity. passive whenever the attacker charges heavy attack, the immunity changes to incinerate at the end of the attacker special attacks, the immunitychanges back to coldsnap.
🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.1 path:  Colossus, Emma Frost, Human Torch, Silver Surfer, Annihilus, Ghost, Quake, Falcon (other Coldsnap-Incinerate immune champs)

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.1 MODOK Boss: Magneto, Mole Mna, Killmonger, Falcon, Angela, Corvus Glaive with Proxima Synergy.

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Black Bolt
  2. Professor X
  3. Scarlet Witch
  4. Stryfe
  5. Captain Marvel (Movie)
  6. Juggernaut
  7. MODOK – Final Boss 
⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.2.1 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 2.2 (Act 7.2.2) Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.2.2 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • Power Shield - The Attacker's basic attacks deal no damage, but still generate power, and their Special Attacks deal 400% more damage.
  • Life Transfer - The Opponent suffers a permanent Degeneration effect losing 2% of their Max Health per second, but Lifestealing 125% of their Damage done. The Lifesteal percentage is affected by Class Relationships.
  • Spectre of Ailment 1 - The Attacker's Regeneration Rate is reduced by 33% for each Non-Damaging Debuff on them.
🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.2 path:  Colossus, Ghost, Corvus Glaive, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Captain America (IW), Mole Man, Hit Monkey, Hyperion, Magik, Blade, Vision Aarkus 

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.2 Guardian Boss: Magneto, Doctor Doom, Corvus Glaive, Black Widow (CV), Mole Man, Angela 

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Black Widow (DO)
  2. Longshot
  3. Spiderman (MM)
  4. Phoenix
  5. Black Panther (CW)
  6. Medusa
  7. Guardian – Final Boss 
⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.2.2 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 2.3 (Act 7.2.3) Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.2.3 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  1. Rust and Ruin: When the defender is stuck they have a 40% of a chance to apply an armor break debuff onto the attacker, which reduces armor rating by 25% for 10 seconds, if the attacker has 5 of these armor break debuffs they convert to a permanent armor break debuff.
  2. Repulsive: For each active debuff on the attacker, they ignore 30% of the damage they would take while striking the defender to a max of 90% Superiority: they reflect 200% of the damage onto the defender instead of ignoring it.
  3. Thorns: Retaliates with 15% Attack as Physical Damage whenever struck by an Attack that makes contact.
  4. Enhanced Abilities:All abilities trigger 50% more often.
  5. Superiority: Even Footing: If the attacker is the same class as the defender they gain Superiority.
🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.3 path:  Quake, Falcon, Professor X, Stryfe, Namor, Black Widow - Maxed Sig lvl (Classic)

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.3 Venom The Duck Boss: Elsa Bloodstone, Mole Man, Hit Monkey, Ghost, Angela, Corvus Glaive

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Hulk Ragnarok
  2. Proxima Midnight
  3. Squirrel Girl
  4. Spider Gwen
  5. Corvus Glaive
  6. Night Thrasher
  7. Venom The Duck – Final Boss 
Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.2.3 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 2.4 (Act 7.2.4) Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.2.4 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • Slumber: For the first 15 seconds the defender is power locked and stunned
  • Flare: Increases your damage by 300% but you degenerate over 60 seconds
  • Particle Protector: The defender has a 85% chance to glance an attack, glancing attacks cannot be critical and suffer -100% ability accuracy, this node is not affected by aar.
  • Size Matters: Extra Large Champions' Attacks cannot be Glanced. Large Champions' Special Attacks, Intercepts, and Heavy Attacks cannot be Glanced.Medium Champions' Intercepts and Heavy Attacks cannot be Glanced.Small Champions' Heavy Attacks cannot be Glanced. This buff in only applied to attacker.
🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.4 path:  Hyperion, Corvus Glaive, Mole Man, Venom, Red Hulk, Sentinel, Warlock, Apocalypse, Imortal Hulk. Click here to check Champs Size List

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.4 Man-Thing Boss: She Hulk, Red Guardian, Red Hulk, Imortal Hulk, Quake

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Howard the Duck
  2. cull obsidian
  3. rocket raccoon
  4. Beast
  5. Warlock
  6. Falcon
  7. Man Thing – Final Boss 
⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.2.4 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 2.5 (Act 7.2.5) Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.2.5 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • Rage: The maximum amount of damage the defender can take is 2.5% max health, if this value is reached, the defender gains a 50% permanent fury, once the defender reaches 5 of these permanent furies, they become permanently unblockable, this is not affected by ability accuracy reduction.
  • Powershield: the defender takes 0 damage from all basic attacks, but special damage is increased by 400%
  • Hurt Locker: Activating 2 special attacks of the same kind in a row, activates a delayed blast, which after 5 seconds detonates and deals massive damage. This can be removed by using a heavy attack.
  • Poison Vulnerability: The defender takes 200% more damage while under the effects of a poison.

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.5 path:  
  1. (Use Nullifers, Power Gain Champs with Strong Special Attack Damage) Black Widow (CV), Symbiote Supreme, Morning Star, Voodoo, Venom, Doctor Doom, Tigra
  2. (Poision Damage Champs) Archangel, Immortal Abomination, Abomination, Mysterio, Voodoo

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.5 Dragon Man Boss: Human Torch, She Hulk, Void, Magneto, Luke Cage, Sunspot

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Spiderman(MM)
  2. Psylocke
  3. Quake
  4. Ghost Rider
  5. Captain America (IW)
  6. Aegon
  7. Dragon Man – Final Boss 
⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.2.5 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 2.6 (Act 7.2.6) Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.2.6 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • Buff Synthesis Fury /Precision: Whenever the attacker gains a precision buff while they have an active fury buff, they are converted into a prowess buff increasing special attack damage by 50%.
  • Special Connoisseur: The defender takes 90% less damage from all sources except special attacks with prowesses.
  • Icarus: When the defender is struck by an attack or stunned, the attacker gains a fury buff increasing attack rating by 10% for 10 seconds, once the attacker reaches 8 fury buffs they degenerate over 8 seconds dealing 100% of the attackers attack over 4 seconds. Landing an attack removes these furies.
  • Matador: The attacker gains 0 power through combat, but every time the defender activates a special attack the attacker gains a bar of power.
🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.6 path: Corvus Glaive, Captain Marvel (Movie), Angela, Ghost, Doctor Doom, Killmonger, Wasp, Korg, Professor X, Sunspot, Storm (Pyramid X)

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.2.6 Gwenmaster Boss: Nick Fury, Colossus (with his best synergy Team), Prof X or Doctor Doom.

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Ultron (Prime)
  2. Silver Surfer
  3. Hulkbuster
  4. Gambit
  5. Captain Marvel (Movie)
  6. Guillotine 2099
  7. Gwenmaster – Final Boss 

🔥 Gwenmaster Ability - Phase Breakdown:

MCOC Act 7.2 Gwenmaster Defeat Guide
Image Credit: JARVIS Line Bot

⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.2.6 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 MCOC Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 2 (Act 7.2) Rewards:

MCOC ACT 7.2 Story Quest Rewards

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