MCOC Act 6 Chapter 3 Guide | Act 6.3 Easy Paths - First Run

MCOC Act 6 Chapter 3 Easy Paths
MCOC Act 6 Chapter 3 Guide - Easy Path | Nodes | Counter Champ | Gameplay Video

Looking for Act 6 Chapter 3 easy path guide? Then yes guys you are on right website. Here you will get all details of Act 6.3 Including easy path details, Node Details, Best Champs suggestion and Video Guide. So Don't forget to share this webpage with your alliance teammates + Friends as well as Bookmark this page.

Act 6.3 Restrictions: 5 Star and 6 Star Champions Only.


🚀 Act 6 Chapter 3 Boost -

MCOC ACT 6.3 Boost Guide By Cat Murdock
Image Credit - Cat Murdock

🚩 Act 6.3.1 Easy Path: 

🌏 Act 6.3.1 Global Node: Biohazard and Clapback
  1. Invisible Woman (Node – Forced Field)
  2. Ghost (Node – Cornered)
  3. Hulk (Node – Pilfer Regen)
  4. Green Goblin (Node – Masochism [Regens 5% of max health])
  5. Yellowjacket (Node – Power Sting 3.0)
  6. Doctor Octopus (Node – Aggression: Armor)
  7. MODOK (Node – Singularity [Critical after 5 hits])
  8. Mysterio (Node – Enhanced Visibility)
  9. Black Bolt - Mini Boss (Node – Lifecycle, Limber, Aggression Regen, Fury, Lionheart)
  10. Medusa - Boss

🌏 Boss – Medusa Active Nodes:
  • Do You Bleed?: Damage is caused by Bleed Only (No Bleed, No Damage).
  • Buffet: Every 7-second when the next buff is triggered, it is nullified and Medusa regenerate 5% of Max Health.
  • Fury: Every attack has a 10% chance to gain a fury buff for 8 seconds that grants +100 attacks.
  • Counterstrike: Every time you use a Dexterity master to evade an attack, Medusa gets a passive fury that increases attack by 5%. At 10 furies, all are removed and all attacks become unblockable for 15 seconds.
  • Explosive Personality: Hitting Medusa’s block gives her an armor up effect that stacks up to 5 and next time you hit the block all armor stacks are removed and attacker deals damage equal to 25% of the max health.
Imp Note - Bring Double Immune Champs in Your Team to Counter Biohazard Node.

💥 Best champs for Act 6.3.1 First Run - Ghost Trinity, Omega Red, Warlock, Darkhawk, Iceman, Vision, Guillotine 2099, Sentinel

💥 Best Counters For Act 6.3.1 Medusa Boss: Symbiote Supreme, Black Widow Claire Voyant, Gwenpool, X23, Nick Fury, Killmonger, Blade, Carnage, Warlock.

🚀 Video Guide -
Act 6.3.1 Easy Path By MCOC NOOB -

🚀 Act 6.3.1 Map - 

MCOC ACT 6.3.1 Map By Cat Murdock
Image Credit - Cat Murdock

🚩 Act 6.3.2 Easy Path: 

🌏 Act 6.3.2 Global Node: Plague Mind, 100% Power Gain, Power Reversal (Do not bring Hyperion), Power Shield (Special attack does 400% Damage)
  1. Deadpool (X - Force)
  2. Captain Marvel (Classic)
  3. Darkhawk
  4. Nightcrawler
  5. Medusa
  6. Heimdall
  7. MODOK
  8. Red Skull
  9. Nick Fury - Boss

🌏 Boss – Nick Fury Active Nodes:
  • Shank: Striking Fury’s block has a 40% chance to apply Bleed debuff on the attacker that deals 1% of the defender’s attack as direct damage.
  • Debuff Immune: Immune to all Debuff effects
  • Bloodletting: Bleed Effect lasts 100% longer
  • Tactical Adjustment and Empowered Immunity: every time the attacker tries to apply a debuff, Nick Fury gains one tactical charge, and also gains 33% of a bar of power.

💥 Best champs for Act 6.3.2 First Run - Ghost Trinity, Corvus Glaive (Synergy with Proxima Midnight), Magneto (Red Suit),  Omega Red, Warlock, Darkhawk, Iceman, Vision, Guillotine 2099, Sentinel

Best Counters For Act 6.3.2 Nick Fury Boss:  Colossus, Namor, Domino, Omega Red, Aegon, Ghost, Stark Spidey, Hyperion, Captain America (CW). (Mutant champs are more effective against Nick Fury)

⭐ Imp Note - Use Power Boost of Specific Class. It will help you to take down Nick Fury much faster. 

🚀 Video Guide -
⚡ Act 6.3.2 Easy Path By MCOC NOOB -


🚀 Act 6.3.2 Map -

MCOC ACT 6.3.2 Map By Cat Murdock
Image Credit - Cat Murdock

🚩 Act 6.3.3 Easy Path:

🌏 Act 6.3.3 Global Node: Stupefy and Unblockable Finale
  1. Vulture
  2. She Hulk
  3. Joe Fixit (Enhanced SP1, Stupefy and Unblockable Finale)
  4. Kang (Enhanced SP2, Stupefy and Unblockable Finale)
  5. Ronin (Enhanced SP1, Stupefy and Unblockable Finale)
  6. Cull Obsidian (Enhanced SP2, Stupefy and Unblockable Finale)
  7. Stark Spidey (Enhanced SP1, Stupefy and Unblockable Finale)
  8. Human Torch (Enhanced SP2, Stupefy and Unblockable Finale)
  9. Goldpool (Enhanced SP1, Stupefy and Unblockable Finale)
  10. Havok - Boss

🌏 Boss – Havok Active Nodes:
  • Cornered: Debuffs make him gain 300% more power.
  • Force of Will: Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification.
  • Extinction Protocol: Havok gains up to 200% attack based on how full the attacker’s power bar is and his power rate also increases by 15% every time he uses a special attack.
  • Crumbling Armor: If the Attacker doesn’t attack in 6 seconds, he/she gets armor break debuff applied. Landing a hit removes the armor break.
  • Improved Power gain: All power gains are increased by 50%.
💥 Best champs for Act 6.3.3 First Run - Ghost Trinity, Corvus Glaive, Magneto (Red Suit), Omega Red, Iceman, Archangel, Colossus (Take one Incinerate Immune Champ in Team)

Best Counters For Act 6.3.3 Havok Boss:  Hulk Buster, Colossus, Angela, Warlock, Havok, Cyclops, Vision, Stark Spidey, Venom.

🚀 Video Guide -
⚡ Act 6.3.3 Easy Path By MCOC NOOB -


🚀 Act 6.3.3 Map -

MCOC ACT 6.3.3 Map By Cat Murdock
Image Credit - Cat Murdock

🚩 Act 6.3.4 Easy Path: 

🌏 Act 6.3.4 Global Node: Enhanced Abilities
  1. Abomination
  2. Iron Patriot
  3. Rhino
  4. Falcon
  5. Superior Iron Man
  6. Groot
  7. Hulkbuster
  8. Punisher
  9. Spider Man (Classic)
  10. Iron Man Infinity War - Boss
🌏 Boss – Iron Man Infinity War Active Nodes:
  • Armor Break Immunity
  • Enhanced Armor Up: Armor Up Abilities are 40% more effective
  • Improved Power gain: 100% More Power
  • Arc Overload 2.0: Heals 25% of max health and gain 25% armor every 20 seconds
  • Indomitable: Healing effect cannot be reversed, it will only block healing
  • Plague Mind: Attacker’s power is drained every 30 Seconds.
💥 Best champs for Act 6.3.4 First Run - Ghost Trinity, Corvus Glaive, Magneto (Red Suit), Omega Red (with suicide mastery), Archangel (Take one Poisson Immune Champ in Team)

💥 Best Counters For Act 6.3.4 Iron Man Infinity War Boss:  Void, Aegon, Hyperion, Human Torch, Domino with Rulk, Proxima Midnight, Captain Marvel (Movie).

🚀 Video Guide -
⚡ Act 6.3.4 Easy Path By MCOC NOOB -


🚀 Act 6.3.4 Map -

MCOC ACT 6.3.4 Map By Cat Murdock
Image Credit - Cat Murdock

🚩 Act 6.3.5 Easy Path: 

🌏 Act 6.3.5 Global Node: Aggression Armor, Heavy Handed, Unblockable Specials.
  1. Red Skull
  2. Iceman 
  3. Howard the Duck
  4. Emma Frost
  5. Heimdall
  6. Civil Warrior
  7. Venom the Duck
  8. Angela
  9. Mysterio - Boss
🌏 Boss – Mysterio Active Nodes:
  • Tunnel Vision: Using the same type of attack twice in a row applies Falter debuff on the attacker that causes the attacker to miss the next attack. This Falter debuff is removed only when you miss an attack.
  • Matador: Attacker gets a bar of power only when the defender used a Special attack. The attacker won’t generate power from any other source.
  • Enhanced Visibility: All power gain is increased by 50% when the Helmet is active.
  • Toxic Behavior: If Mysterio has 3 Chemical Gas for 8 seconds, the attacker will receive poison debuff.
  • Armor Break Immunity
💥 Best champs for Act 6.3.5 First Run - Ghost Trinity, Corvus Glaive, Magneto (Red Suit), Omega Red (with suicide mastery), Colossus. 

Best Counters For Act 6.3.5 Mysterio Boss:  Domino with Rulk Synergy, Captain America IW with Skill Class Champ Synergy.

🚀 Video Guide -
⚡ Act 6.3.5 Easy Path By MCOC NOOB -


🚀 Act 6.3.5 Map - 

MCOC ACT 6.3.5 Map By Cat Murdock
Image Credit - Cat Murdock

🚩 Act 6.3.6 Easy Path: 

🌏 Act 6.3.6 Global Node: Aggression Fury, Counterstrike, Unblockable
  1. Colossus
  2. Rhino 
  3. Vulture
  4. Ms Marvel 
  5. Magneto Marvel Now
  6. She Hulk
  7. Beast
  8. Aegon
  9. Captain America Infinity War - Boss
🌏 Boss – Captain America IW Active Nodes:
  • Critic Me With Your Best Shot: Captain America IW takes no damage if the attack is not critical. (The basic ability allows him to glance most of the hits, so most of the champion will fail to throw critical)
  • Destructive Feedback: Defender gains a Kinetic shield at the interval of every 15-seconds that lasts 10 seconds. All the damage you make while the shield is active is stored and the defender takes those damages when shield expires (Except Special 3). However, if the defender hits the attacker while it is active (even the block), those damages are reflected on the attacker instead.
  • Unlimited Power: Each Debuff you apply on Defender, he gains a fury buff that increases 25% attack. If Fury buff is nullified or removed for any reason, he gains 15% power each debuff.
  • Surging Vengeance: Defender Uses Special Attack in consecutive order from 1 to 3.
💥 Best champs for Act 6.3.6 First Run - Ghost Trinity, Corvus Glaive, Star Lord, Stark Spidey, Warlock, Captain America(IW), Omega Red (with suicide mastery), Colossus. 

Best Counters For Act 6.3.6 Captain America IW Boss:  Ghost Trinity, Gwenpool, Stark Spidey, Aegon, Killmonger.

🚀 Video Guide -
⚡ Act 6.3.6 Easy Path By MCOC NOOB -


🚀 Act 6.3.6 Map - 

MCOC ACT 6.3.6 Map By Cat Murdock
Image Credit - Cat Murdock


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