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Marvel Contest of Champions Gameplay Guide

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Guide for Beginners

👉🏻 Imp Note: 
Image Credit: KABAM & Marvel Contest of Champions Team. We have used the images for "educational" purposes..

📌 Detailed Explanation of important elements in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) and how they’re connected:

1] Units: They’re the currency of the game. Very important. You can buy anything from it, anything. So you have to save it and not spend it recklessly. 

How to get Units? 
  • By doing Arena, Story Quest & Monthly Quest.
  • From Arena Crystal (Chances are 15%).
  • Buy from Unit Store.
  • Calendars/logins.

MCOC Units

Things you can buy with the help of units:
  • Alliance Tickets (For AQ Map 6 and above)
  • Gold (Occasionally)
  • Resources (Potions, Revives, Energy Refills)
  • Mastery Items (Stony cores, carbonadium core , mastery core
  • Boosts
  • Rank up materials sometimes
  • Crystals (It’s a trap so be aware)
  • You can also donate in the alliance treasury through this.(Not recommended)
  • Profile Pics (Not recommended)
2] Battle-chips: They are the very useful element in the game. You can collect them by doing arena. Best use of battle-chips is to buy arena crystals which in turn gives you gold and units. 

MCOC Battlechips

They are used for:
  • Needed for alliance donations (Alliance Tickets) to play higher AQ maps (Map 6 and above)
  • Buying Arena Crystals (Very Important Source to get Gold with less chance of Units)
3] Gold: One of the most important elements in the game. Used essentially for ranking up your champions and for alliance donation. You can get it by doing story quest, event quest, arenas, opening arena crystals and sometimes when gold pool even is on. 


Used for:
  • Rankups
  • Donations (To purchase Alliance Tickets - Map 6 and above)
4] Loyalty: Loyalty is mostly used for two things. First one is for alliance donation and second is for buying certain things. You can get it by pressing the help button in the alliance screen or by war crystals.

MCOC Loyalty Chips

Things you can buy from it:
  • Alliance Tickets (Map 6 and above)
  • Resources (Boosts and Potions)
  • Mastery Resource (Mastery Core like mystic core for mystic dispersion mastery)
  • 4 star and 5 star Unstoppable Colossus
5] Glory: Once you start progressing in the game glory becomes very crucial. It helps you get ranking up resources easily which are hard to obtain. Glory is collected by participating in Alliance Wars.

MCOC Glory

Things you can buy from Glory:
  • Catalyst (Tier 1/2/3/4)
  • Tier 5 Catalyst Fragments 
  • Class Catalyst (Fragments and crystal )
  • Tier 1 Alpha
  • Tier 2 Alpha Fragments 
  • Alliance team revives and potions
  • Gold Crystals
6] Events: 

Completing and exploring these rotating quests types provides the resources and materials needed to progress in Marvel Contest of Champions.

💥 Click on Fight Button to see available Event Quest :
MCOC Home Screen

💥 After Clicking Fight Button, Quest Window will Appear... (Category of Events)
MCOC Quest Details

💥 Each Event Quest Map is filled with a Global Buff, Linked Nodes, Node Buffs, Bots, Minibosses and Main Boss. Check the description which is mentioned in following image.
Node details By MCOC GUIDE BLOG

⚡ Imp Note: With the help of following resources you can get your champ back while playing MCOC Quest.

💥 Health Potions:

MCOC Health Potions

  • While fighting with enemy/opponent in any quest suppose your champ lost some of his/her health points. Using potions, you can instantly heal them. 
  • There are two categories of potions, single champ potion and Team Potions. You can get them in quests. Also, you can purchase them from the store via Potions Menu using Units as well as collect it from daily crystals.

💥 Revive:

MCOC Revive

  • You will only be able to use a revive if your Champion is K.O. (Die).
  • These items revive one or many of the Champions in your team. also you can purchase them from the store via Potions Menu as well as collect it from daily crystals.
Here you will buy Health & Revive using Units:
Click on store menu button, Then select "potions" Menu 

MCOC Potions Menu Section

⚡ Let’s discuss categories of events in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) :

1. Daily Events:
  • MCOC Solo Events – Since you’re new, the first thing you’ll come across is solo events which will help you get some resources and shards for 2/3/4* crystal. Everyday a new event will come with new rewards. Events like Hero use, Level up, Event Quest Completion, Particular Class Advancement, Arena Wins events etc. 
  • MCOC Alliance Events – Once you join an Alliance, this part will get active. It has more rewards than the solo events and they are achieved through team effort. Events like: Summoner Advancement, Alliance Quest Completion, Item Use, Arena Wins, Arena Combat, Alliance Brawl etc. Rewards include: Units, hero crystal shards, energy refills, gold etc.
  • MCOC Daily Events: This will be available inside the event quests section. You can access it anytime. You can get class catalyst events and basic catalysts events. 
2. Story Quest:
This part is the soul of the MCOC Game. From Act 1 to 8 the journey will be a roller coaster. You’ll get tons of resources, rewards, gold units, upon exploration and completion (100% explored). Very important if you want to progress and make your account strong. It has 8 acts and with each act the difficulty level keeps on increasing exponentially. So take your time in completing each one of them and don’t rush. 
To know more details about Story Quest Click Here

3. Monthly Event Quests:
These events run monthly and always introduces new characters. They have 5 difficulty level, Normal, Heroic, Master, Uncollected and Cavalier. Since you’re a Beginner go for the Normal level and try exploring it 100% and rest you can try if you think you can do a single run. These quests gives lots of good rewards. Apart from these monthly quests Kabam also introduces special quests like: Boss Rush and other Side Events with special rewards.
To know more details about Monthly Event Quest Click Here

4. Variant:
These special quests are built to test the player’s skills. It has 5 parts as of now. Each part is unique and different. They require different champs from 1 star to 6 star / Particular Class / Champs Size and Rewards are just amazing. 
To know more details about Variant Event Click Here

5. Special Quests:
These are big boy’s quests and requires a lot of patience to complete. It includes; Road to the Labyrinth (RTTL), Labyrinth of Legends (LOL), Realm of Legends (ROL) and Abyss of Legends (AOL). They are tough and not easy to crack. Apart from a strong team they require lots of resources, boosts and units. So be ready if you want to do it. But first master your skills and then try. 
To know more details about Special Quest Event Click Here

💥 Video Guide By Marvel Contest of Champions Official Channel:

6. Alliance Quests:
  • Alliance quests in MCOC are similar to other solo quests in the contest, but you gotta compete in Alliance quests with other Summoners!
  • These quests are only available while the Alliance quest event is running a new event starts every 8 days, and lasts for 5 days. Meaning there's a three day gap between each event.
  • When the event is live, the leader and officers of your Alliance can choose to begin an Alliance Quest Map.
To know more details about AQ Click Here

7. Alliance War:
  • In Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Alliance Wars requires teamwork and coordination from you and your Alliance mates to strategically defeat your opponents.
  • Wars consist of 3 phases: Matchmaking, Defender Placement and Attack phases.
  • Certain Champions are better suited for Defense while others are better for Offense.
  • Your Alliance will be placed in a Bracket based on the amount of Points earned in a Season. Each Bracket has its own set of rewards. The higher the Bracket the better the rewards.
  • Defeating opponents in a War will reward you Points that affect your position on the Season Leaderboard.
To know more details about AW Click Here

What is Mastery and how it works in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC)?

Activate Summoner Masteries to enhance your Champions. Access Masteries through the Summoner Profile. Recover your Mastery Points as often as you’d like to create optimal setups for every game mode!  

Video Guide about Mastery Setup By Official MCOC Channel:

  • You first unlock Masteries when you reach level 6. And from there, as you progress through The Battlerealm, you’ll receive additional Mastery points each time you level up.
  • Masteries are organized into 3 different categories. i.e Offense, Defense and Proficiencies.
  • Each sub category will contain different traits that once ranked up, will provide new or enhanced abilities to the Champions on your roster. Most Masteries will enhance all your Champions, but some will be class-specific.
  • Clicking on each node of a Mastery tree will display information on the selected Mastery, including its name, current rank, and how it will affect your roster. Additionally, it will also display if there are any requirements that are needed to be met before activating the selected Mastery.
  • In the same way that you and your Champions can be levelled up, so too can your Masteries.
Keep in mind - Don't copy your teammates mastery setup. Bcoz their setup is based on what type of champions they have (Attacker, Defender, Utility) and their playstyle (Aggressive or Defense).  If you want deep knowledge about mastery then checkout following link..

To know more details about Mastery Click Here

Looking for Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Tier list?

Tier list is divided into 2 category i.e. Offense & Defense. Following link will help you to build your Offense & Defense Team. 
To know more details about MCOC Tier List Click Here 

Looking for Best Champs to Rank up in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC)?

To clear content in-game you need specific champ. I mentioned "specific champ" bcoz with the help of specific champ you can finish fight quickly.
To know more details about Best Champs to Ranked Click Here 

📌 Try to avoid following Noob Mistakes when you start playing Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Game:

  • This game is running/operate via online server so don't use any kind of Modified APK/MOD App if u found then result will be Permanent Ban.
  • Don't use Android Emulators like Bluestacks, GameLoop etc etc.. this is also against Marvel Contest of Champions Terms of Services result will be Permanent Ban.
  • Don't share your ID with your Friends or Alliance Teammates for any type of completion in game this is also against Marvel Contest of Champions Terms of Services result will be Permanent Ban. If you wants to create another game id then make it and play on different device. Don't play both game id's with same device.
  • Don't buy/purchase units from 3rd party or Don't pay someone for completion in game if you found result will be Permanent Ban.
  • Don't sell any tier champs specially 1 star or 2 star champs otherwise you can't complete specific events like Variant 4.
  • Don't use units on "Premium Hero Crystals" the result is horrible 😑 I hope KABAM will improve drop rates of crystal in upcoming days.
  • Don't waste units on buying profile pics. 😠 
  • Join alliance once you build enough champ roster team like minimum 11 good champs of collection[3 champs for alliance quest attack, 3 champs for alliance war attack, 5 champs for defense placement for alliance war], after joining alliance check alliance status like how many player are active, How Leader & Officer's lead alliance if you like the environment then stay in alliance otherwise find another alliance. 
  • If your prestige is low and don't have enough champ roster then don't expect Higher Tier Alliance. They are not going to invite you and luckily you joined there then within few mins someone will kick you for sure.
  • Don't Rankup unwanted champs or Don't Apply Awakening Gem & Signature Stones on any champ without any knowledge. To know more details about Awakening Gem Click Here.
  • Don't forget to unlock Important Mastery Points. And Build Perfect Mastery Setup as per your Champs.
  • Watch some videos or Check out some article to get some knowledge of how to use particular champ learn that champ ability. Learn Combo Hit Tips/Tricks. Learn how to do Parry, How to evade basic hits and special attack of opponent and How to bait special attack.
  • Don't fight with linked node in Alliance Quest or Alliance war. If you stuck on any node then call backup team or ask your Leader & Officer about how to fight on that node or simple do Google/YouTube about it.
  • Spend Energy on Story Quest as well as Monthly Quests and collect some good rewards, Participate in Alliance events, Play arena for particular champs these is the way to build your solid team. Try to achieve "Uncollected Title" in Story Quest to Unlock some rewards like daily crystal and other opportunity's.. After that your aim should be 100% Act 5 of Story Quest and Then "Cavalier Title".
  • Don't let your alliance pressure you to spend units or money. 

📌 In-Game Tips By Kabam & Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC).

💥 General Tips:
  • Check back every day for new Event Quests with exclusive rewards!
  • Battle Chips are only found in Versus mode. Use them to purchase exclusive Crystals.
  • Get new Champions by opening Crystals in the Crystal Vault!
  • The Stash stores gifts and excess inventory items. Be sure to collect them before they expire!

💥 There are six Champion Classes: Cosmic, Mutant, Mystic, Science, Skill, and Tech. Each Champion Class is strong against another. 
  • The Contest grants Mutant Champions a Class Bonus against Skill.
  • The Contest grants Science Champions a Class Bonus against Mystic.
  • The Contest grants Mystic Champions a Class Bonus against Cosmic.
  • The Contest grants Cosmic Champions a Class Bonus against Tech.
  • The Contest grants Skill Champions a Class Bonus against Science.
  • The Contest grants Tech Champions a Class Bonus against Mutant.

💥 Combat Strategy Tips:
  • Special Attacks deal devastating damage to your opponent!
  • Remember to Block! Blocking significantly reduces incoming damage.
  • You can use a Heavy Attack to break through your opponent’s block!
  • Some Special Attacks can trigger powerful Status Effects that give you the edge in the fight!
  • Bleed damage ignores Armor and Resistances, but some Champions do not bleed.
  • Critical Hits exploit weaknesses in opponent's armor to deal massive damage!
  • Armor reduces damage from attacks, but watch out for Armor Break reducing your Armor!
  • Champions can activate Synergy Bonuses by teaming up with friends, teammates, rivals, and more!
  • Abilities that inflict Bleed or Armor Break are effective counters to armored Champions.
  • The Nullify ability instantly removes the target’s beneficial effects, such as Regeneration or Armor Up.
  • Special abilities, like Bleed or Regeneration, become more powerful when you Rank Up.
  • When Blocking, some Champions have a chance to Perfect Block, which reduces all incoming damage to zero!
  • Hero Rating represents the overall power level of your Champion, including any active bonuses.
  • In a fight, fill your Power Meter by taking and dealing damage. Save up Power to unleash devastating Special Attacks!
  • Some Champions attacks can Stun their opponents, rendering them unable to attack, block, or even move!
  • Some Champions have the ability to Regenerate their Health during a fight.
  • Some Champions are fully immune to certain status effects.
  • Mix Light and Medium Attacks to create Combos!
  • Armor and Power Drain make Tech Champions effective against the high Special Damage of Mutant Champions.
  • Regenerative abilities common to Mutant Champions are effective against the Bleeding inflicted by Skill Champions.
  • Frequent Bleed damage from Skill Champions is effective against the high base attributes of Science Champions.
  • The high base attributes of Science Champions cannot be nullified or purged by Mystic Champions.
  • Many Mystic Champions are able to remove the status effects created by Cosmic Champions.
  • The status effects of Cosmic Champions are effective at bypassing the resistances of Tech Champions.

💥 Duel:
  • You can Duel another Summoner’s Top Champion from their Summoner Profile.
  • Duel Credits refresh daily and are used to challenge another Summoner’s Top Champion.
  • You can view your Duel Stats on your Profile page.

MCOC Abbreviations - Slang (short-code)

📌 MCOC Characters - MCOC Champs : Short Code

  • AA :  Archangel
  • Abom : Abomination
  • AM : Ant-Man
  • AV : Agent Venom
  • BB : Black Bolt
  • Blue Cyclops : Cyclops (Blue Team)
  • OG BP : Black Panther
  • BPCW : Black Panther (Civil War)
  • BW : Black Widow
  • BW CV : Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
  • BW DO : Black Widow (Deadly Origin)
  • Cap / CA : Captain America
  • CAPIW : Captain America (Infinity War)
  • CapWW2 : Captain America (WWII)
  • CB / XB : Crossbones
  • Col : Colossus
  • CG / Corvus : Corvus Glaive
  • CM : Captain Marvel (Classic)
  • CMM / Captain Sparkles : Captain Marvel (Movie)
  • Obsidian : Cull Obsidian
  • CW : Civil Warrior
  • DD : Daredevil
  • DD Netflix : Daredevil (Netflix)
  • DH : Darkhawk
  • Doc Ock : Doctor Octopus
  • Domi / Neena : Domino
  • Mammu : Dormammu
  • DP : Deadpool
  • DPXF : Deadpool (X-Force)
  • DS : Doctor Strange
  • Voodoo : Doctor Voodoo
  • Emma : Emma Frost
  • Elsa : Elsa Bloodstone
  • Ebony : Ebony Maw
  • Fixit : Joe Fixit
  • NF / Fury : Nick Fury
  • GG : Green Goblin
  • GP : Gwenpool
  • Goldy : Goldpool
  • GR : Ghost Rider
  • Guilly : Guillotine
  • Guilly 2099 : Guillotine 2099
  • Gulk : Hulk (Ragnarok) / Gladiator hulk
  • HB : Hulkbuster
  • HE : Hawkeye
  • Hood : The Hood
  • HT : Human Torch
  • HTD : Howard The Duck
  • Hype : Hyperion
  • IF : Iron Fist
  • IM : Iron Man
  • IMIW : Iron Man (Infinity War)
  • IP : Iron Patriot
  • IW : Invisible Woman
  • Juggy : Juggernaut
  • KG : King Groot
  • KK  : Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel)
  • KM : Killmonger
  • KP : Kingpin
  • LC  : Luke Cage
  • Red Mag : OG Magneto
  • White Mag : Magneto (Marvel Now!)
  • Meph : Mephisto
  • MK : Moon Knight
  • Spidey MM : Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
  • MS : Morningstar
  • MT : Man-Thing
  • NC : Nightcrawler
  • NT : Night Thrasher
  • OG Vision : Vision
  • OML : Old Man Logan
  • OR : Omega Red
  • PM : Proxima Midnight
  • Pun : Punisher
  • Pun99 : Punisher (2099)
  • Red Cyclops : Cyclops (New Xavier School)
  • Rocket / RR : Rocket Racoon
  • RS : Red Skull
  • Rulk : Red Hulk
  • SG : Spider-Gwen
  • SHulk : She-Hulk
  • SIM : Superior Iron Man
  • Sinister : Mister Sinister
  • SL : Star Lord
  • Classic Spidey / OG Spidey : Spider-Man (Classic)
  • SM Stealth : Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
  • Starky / Stark Spidey : Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
  • Surfer : Silver Surfer
  • Symb Supreme : Symbiote Supreme
  • ST : Sabretooth
  • Symb Spidey : Spider-Man (Symbiote)
  • SW : Scarlet Witch
  • Thor Rags : Thor (Ragnarok)
  • TM : Taskmaster
  • UC : Unstoppable Colossus
  • Vision AOU : Vision (Age of Ultron)
  • Vision Ark : Vision Aarkus
  • VP : Venompool
  • VTD : Venom The Duck
  • YJ : Yellow Jacket
  • WM : War Machine
  • Wolvie : Wolverine
  • WS / Bucky : Winter Soldier
  • X23 : Wolverine (X-23)

📌 MCOC Story Quest - Event Quest : Short Code

  • AQ : Alliance Quest
  • AW : Alliance War
  • AWA : Alliance War Attack
  • AWD : Alliance War Defense
  • BA : Basic Arena
  • EQ : Event Quest
  • FA : Featured Arena
  • LOL : Labyrinth of Legends
  • SA : Summoner Advancement
  • SE : Solo Event
  • ROL : Realm of Legends
  • RTTL : Road to the Labyrinth
  • VQ : Variant Quest
  • Act 1 Chapter 1 Quest 1 : Act 1.1.1
  • Act 1 Chapter 1 Quest 2 : Act 1.1.2
  • Act 1 Chapter 1 Quest 3 : Act 1.1.3
  • Act 1 Chapter 1 Quest 4 : Act 1.1.4
  • Act 1 Chapter 1 Quest 5 : Act 1.1.5
  • Act 1 Chapter 1 Quest 6 : Act 1.1.6
  • Act 1 Chapter 2 Quest 1 : Act 1.2.1
  • Act 1 Chapter 2 Quest 2 : Act 1.2.2
  • Act 1 Chapter 2 Quest 3 : Act 1.2.3
  • Act 1 Chapter 2 Quest 4 : Act 1.2.4
  • Act 1 Chapter 2 Quest 5 : Act 1.2.5
  • Act 1 Chapter 2 Quest 6 : Act 1.2.6

📌 Crystals : Short Code

  • FGMC : Featured Grand Master Crystal
  • GMC : Grand Master Crystal
  • PHC : Premium Hero Crystals

📌 Inventory - Catalyst : Short Code

  • Cats : Catalysts
  • Frags : Fragments
  • T1AC : Tier 1 Alpha Catalyst
  • T1CC : Tier 1 Class Catalyst
  • T2AC : Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst
  • T1BC : Tier 1 Basic Catalyst
  • T1CC : Tier 1 Class Catalyst
  • T2BC : Tier 2 Basic Catalyst
  • T2CC : Tier 2 Class Catalyst
  • T3BC : Tier 3 Basic Catalyst
  • T3CC : Tier 3 Class Catalyst
  • T4BC : Tier 4 Basic Catalyst
  • T4CC : Tier 4 Class Catalyst
  • T5BC : Tier 5 Basic Catalyst
  • T5CC : Tier 5 Class Catalyst

📌 Inventory - Items : Short Code

  • AG : Awakening Gem
  • RDT : Rank Down Ticket
  • RUG : Rank Up Gem
  • Sig Stones : Signature Stones

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