MCOC Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 4 Completion Guide | Easy Path


MCOC Act 7.4 Completion Guide - Easy Path

Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 4 easy path guide

Looking for Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Act 7 Chapter 4 easy path guide? Then yes guys you are on right website. Here you will get all details of Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 4 Including Easiest Paths, Node Details, Best Champs suggestion For Path as well as Boss, Maps and Gameplay Video Guide. 

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⚡ Story Quest - Act 7 | Global Nodes:

  • WARNING: A special 3 is active.
  • Star Power: 6* attackers gain a permanent +700 fury.
  • Adrenaline Rush: The attacker gains up to 100% damage reduction at times, scaling with their current adrenaline.
  • Hold The Line: The attacker gains up to +80 block proficiency at all times scaling with their current Adrenaline.

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 4.1 Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.4.1 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • BURNOUT: Whenever the Defender activates a Special Attack, they gain a Burnout Charge increasing their Special Attack by 10% per Charge. When the Defender has 10 or more Burnout Charges, 10 are removed and the Defender is passively Power Locked for 10 seconds. Whenever the Attacker activates Dexterity for any hit from the Defender's Special Attacks, the Defender gains an additional Burnout Charge.
  • TIME TO STRIKE: Whenever the Defender would gain Power or Health while under the effects of a Heal Block or Power Lock, they are instead inflicted with a non-stacking Passive Degen dealing 100% of the Attackers Attack over 3 seconds.
  • KINETIC TRANSFERENCE - 3: Blocked attacks cause the Defender to gain 10% Power. If the Blocked attack dealt 0 damage, the amount of Power gained is doubled.

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.1 path:
1. Damage Over Time Champs - Nick Fury, Archangel, Diablo, Cable with Apoc Synergy, Human Torch, Void, Black Widow (DO), Nebula.
2. Power Control / Heal Block  / Nullify Champs - Magik, Warlock, Doctor Doom, Doctor Voodoo, Black Widow (CV), Vision (Both).

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.1 Guillotine 2099 Boss: Nebula, Black Widow (DO), Doctor Doom, Thor Ragnarok, Mole Man and Hulkbuster.

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Sorcerer Supreme
  2. Jubilee
  3. Doctor Doom
  4. The Champion
  5. Sasquatch
  6. Captain Marvel (Movie)
  7. Guillotine 2099 – Final Boss 

⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.4.1 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 4.2 Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.4.2 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • ARCANE ZEAL: Whenever a Mystic Attacker fills a Bar of Power they gain a Passive Prowess increasing Special Attack Damage by 80% for 15 seconds. Nullifying a Buff from the Defender converts all temporary Prowess Passives into indefinite ones. Max stacks 5.
  • TURTLING: If the Attacker hasn't landed a hit in 6 seconds the Defender gains an indefinite Armor Up Buff, increasing their Armor Rating by 30%, with a max of 3 stacks. Landing a hit resets the timer.
  • POWER SHIELD 2.0: The Defender takes 90% reduced damage from all sources except Special Attacks. While performing a Special Attack the Attacker gains +200% Attack Rating for each bar of Power spent.
  • STATIC DEFENCE 3: If the Attacker strikes an Opponent with an active Armor Up Buff, there is 15% chance for the Attacker to be afflicted with a Shock Debuff, dealing 50% of Attack in Direct Damage over 10 seconds.
  • ARMOR BREAK IMMUNITY: The Defender is Immune to Armor Break Debuffs

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.2 path: Magik, Doctor Doom, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow (CV),  Diablo, Sorcerer Supreme, The Hood, Symbiote Supreme (Try with Mystic Class 200% Power Boost)

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.2 Crossbones Boss: Magneto (Red Suit), Hercules, Corvus Glaive, Havok, Doctor Doom, White Magneto + Odin Prefight = Use any Champion.

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Cosmic Ghost Rider
  2. Magneto (Red Suit)
  3. Sersei
  4. Yondu
  5. Terrax
  6. Apocalypse
  7. Crossbones – Final Boss 

⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.4.2 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 4.3 Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.4.3 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • COSMIC FRACTURE: Cosmic Attacker's Light Attacks have a 50% chance to Armor Break the Defender, reducing their Armor Rating by 40% for 7 second(s). If the Light Hit was Critical, the chance is 100% instead.
  • IONIZED ARMOR - 2: When the Defender finishes a Special Attack, they gain an indefinite Armor Up Buff granting +10% Armor.
  • DIVINE BARRIER - 3: While fighting a Mystic Attacker, every 10 second(s) on a timer, the Defender becomes Immune to Nullify, Fateseal and Stagger effects for 10 second(s). The timer’s duration is paused for 2 second(s) each time the Attacker Nullifies a Buff.
  • TACTICAL RECYCLING: When the Defender is knocked down, remove all of their Armor Break Debuffs. For each Armor Break removed, the Defender gains an indefinite Armor Up Buff, increasing Armor Rating by 20%. When the Defender has 6+ Armor Up Buffs, consume them and deal a burst of Direct Damage to the Attacker equal to 200% of the Defender's Attack Rating.
  • POWERFUL: The Defender is immune to all forms of Power Manipulation.

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.3 path: Cosmic Ghost Rider, Hercules, Corvus Glaive, Gamora, Hyperion, Venom, Venompool, Medusa, Angela, Thor, Cull Obsidian, Odin, Silver Surfer, Venom The Duck, Vision Aarkus. (Try with Cosmic Class 200% Power Boost)

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.3 Mangog Boss: Human Torch, Captain America (IW), She Hulk, Spider Gwen, Void, Spider Man 2099, Anti Venom.

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Ghost
  2. She Hulk
  3. Peni Parker
  4. Emma Frost
  5. Psycho Man
  6. Hulk Ragnarok
  7. Mangog – Final Boss 

⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.4.3 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 4.4 Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.4.4 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • RECHARGE: While Blocking, the Defender generates 15% Power every second. While the Attacker is Blocking, they generate 10% Power every second. Both Champion's Combat Power Rate is reduced by 100%.
  • POWER SHIELD: The Attacker's basic attacks deal no damage, but still generate power, and their Special Attacks deal 400% more damage.
  • SPITE: While opponents have active Buffs, this champion activates Power Flood out of Spite, granting 18% Power per second.
  • SPECIAL 2 BIAS: This defender is less likely to activate Special Attack 1.
  • ENHANCED PARRY - 50% POWER GAIN: After a successful Parry by the Attacker, the Attacker receives a Power Gain Buff, granting 50% of a Bar of Power over 5 seconds. Does not stack.

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.4 path: Cosmic Ghost Rider, Hercules, Corvus Glaive, Ghost with her synergy, Warlock, Spider Man 2099, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Archangel, Magneto, Blade, Mole Man, Hit Monkey, Black Widow (DO), Nick Fury, Domino. 

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.4 Mojo Boss: Archangel, Magneto, Human Torch, Captain America (IW), Spider Ham, Immortal Hulk, Mr. Negative.

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Cyclopse
  2. Punisher 2099
  3. Odin
  4. Gambit
  5. Gwenpool
  6. Knull
  7. Mojo – Final Boss 

⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.4.4 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 4.5 Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.4.5 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • SUPERIORITY: EVEN FOOTING - If the Attacker is the same Class as the Defender, they gain Superiority.
  • ENTRY FEE: Each time the Defender is afflicted with a Debuff, they have a 100% chance to Purify a Debuff. This chance is reduced by 30% for each of the Attacker's Buffs.
  • HEAD RUSH: Every 12th Debuff Purified by the Defender converts into a Stun Passive lasting 1.5 seconds. If the Attacker has Superiority, every 6th Debuff Purified converts into the Passive Stun.
  • STUN VULNERABILITY: While the Defender is Stunned, the Attacker's Attack Rating is increased by 200% when landing an attack.
  • FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS: Each Buff Nullified, Staggered, or Fatesealed off the Defender inflicts burst of 200% Direct Damage to the Attacker.

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.5 path: 
1. Cosmic Class Champs - Cosmic Ghost Rider, Gamora, Odin, Venom, Venompool, Medusa, Silver Surfer, King Groot. (Odin - Heimdall Synergy).
2. Tech Class Champs - Warlock, Ultron, Mysterio, Peni Parker, Nebula.

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.5 Killmonger Boss: Cosmic Ghost Rider, Corvus Glaive, Gamora, Magik, Doctor Doom, Doctor Voodoo, Proff. X, Rogue.

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Stark Spiderman
  2. Angela
  3. Mysterio
  4. Captain Marvel (Movie)
  5. Psycho Man
  6. Cosmic Ghost Rider
  7. Killmonger – Final Boss 

⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.4.5 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 Story Quest | Act 7 Chapter 4.6 Easy Path Guide.

🌏 Act 7.4.6 Path/Defender Node (Except Boss):
  • SMORGASBORD: The Defender has a 100% chance to Purify all incoming Debuffs. Whenever the Defender purifies a Debuff, they gain a Snack Charge. Every 30 seconds, if the Defender has less than 10 Snack Charges they gain a Regen Passive restoring 25% of their health over 6 seconds. If the Defender has 10 or more Snack Charges, they gain a Degeneration Passive, removing 10% of their health over 6 seconds.
  • BUBBLE SHIELD - 1: Each time the Attacker Blocks an attack, their Block Proficiency reduces by 2%. After 10 stacks, the Defender's next attack is Unblockable.
  • FORESIGHT: Intercepting the opponent’s Dash Attack with a Basic Attack grants the Attacker a Passive Fury charge, increasing their Attack Rating by 200% for 5 seconds.

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.6 path: Human Torch, Nick Fury, Black Widow (DO), Black Panther (Classic), Sunspot, Hyperion, Ultron, HTD, Silver Surfer, Magneto. (For this path use such a champs that can apply quick debuff)

🔊 Best champs option for Act 7.4.6 Kang Boss: Human Torch, Ultron, Hercules, Odin, Venom, Venompool, Silver Surfer.

🚩 You will face following defenders:
  1. Hercules
  2. Doctor Octopus
  3. Odin
  4. Yondu
  5. Silver Surfer
  6. Warlock
  7. Kang – Final Boss 

🔥 Kang Ability - Phase Breakdown:

MCOC ACT 7.4.6 Kang Phase - Ability Breakdown
Image Credit - MCOC NOOB

⭐ Gameplay Video of Story Quest Act 7.4.6 By MCOC NOOB:

📌 MCOC Act 7 (Book 2) Chapter 4 Completion (Act 7.4) Rewards (First Run):

MCOC Act 7.4 Completion (First Run) Rewards

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