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Looking for MCOC Size Chart (XL, L, M, S Champs Size), Immunity Champs Like Incinerate Immune, Poison Immune, Bleed Immune, Shock Immune, Coldsnap Immune and Mind Control Immune Champs? Here you will get all details. So Don't forget to Bookmark this page for future updates...

Special Utility


Heal Reversal

Guillotine, Spider Gwen, She Hulk, Wasp, Captain America IW, Void.


Black Widow, Daredevil (Both), Moon Knight, Nightcrawler, Quake, Spider Gwen, Spider Man (Classic), Spider Man (MM), Spider Man (Stark Enhanced), Spider Man (Stealth Suit), Spider Man (Symbiote), Ultron (Both), Wasp, Elsa Bloodstone, Mister Fantastic, Ronin.

Stun Immunity

Bishop, Diablo, Emma Frost, Iceman, juggernaut, Nick Fury, The Hood with Dormammu Synergy, Annihilus (While Cosmic Control Rod is Active).

Stun Reflect

Black Panther IW

True Accuracy

Cull Obsidian, Night Thrasher, Proxima Midnight, The Champion, Γ†gon, Annihilus, Longshot, Mole Man, 

True Strike

Cable, Gamora, Heimdall, Karnak, Killmonger, Venom, Nova, Longshot.

Taunt (Opponents that are Taunted have their Attack reduced by X% and have a X% higher chance to activate a Special Attack.)

Domino, Emma Frost, Goldpool, Night Thrasher, She Hulk, Spider Man (Stark Enhanced), Mister Fantastic.

Auto Block

Darkhawk, Heimdall, Iron Man (IW), MODOK, Medusa, Thor Ragnarok, Nova.


Diablo, Doctor Voodoo, Doctor Starange, Dormammu, Ebony Maw, Ghost Rider, Magik, Morningstar, Scarlet Witch, Symbiote Supreme, Venom, Black Widow (Claire Voyant), Doctor Doom, Longshot, Man-Thing, Mojo, Sorcerer Supreme.

Slow (Reduces the Ability Accuracy of opponent's Unstoppable and Evade effects)

She Hulk, Spider Gwen, Spider Man (Stealth Suit), Sorcerer Supreme, Storm (Pyramid X)

πŸ“Œ MCOC Size Chart (XL, L, M, S Champs Size) 2022:
⭐ Image Credit - Jarvis Line Bot

MCOC Size Chart (XL, L, M, S Champs Size)

πŸ“Œ MCOC Damage Over Time Debuff applied Champs 2022 :
⭐ Image Credit - Jarvis Line Bot

MCOC Damage Over Time Debuff applied Champs 2022

πŸ“Œ MCOC Debuff Immune Champs 2022 :
⭐ Image Credit - Jarvis Line Bot

MCOC Debuff Immune Champs 2022

MCOC Immunes to Mind Control Champs 2022

πŸ“Œ MCOC Immunity Chart 2022:
⭐ Image Credit - Jarvis Line Bot

MCOC Immunity Chart 2022

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  1. This is a very good analysis, kudos bro.

    1. Please add power gain champs on the list. Thanks. Godbless.

    2. Please add power gain champs on the list. Thanks. Godbless.

  2. awesome but u know dr octopus heal blocks i know cos i have a 4 star rank 5

  3. thanks for all the help, I am on my second account. I had one for 3 years and it's pretty stacked. But, I wanted to play through again, now that I know what I am doing better. I am looking forward to seeing which champs I lean on this time around.

  4. Gulk only regenerates on cowardly passive debuffs like limbo and dormammu degen, not all/or active debuffs. i think that needs to be specified.


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