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Hello friends 😀

To start your journey in MCOC (Marvel Contest of Champions) Mobile Game learn some basic information of this game.

If you are newbie here; just installed this game then don't forget to visit following link (Here you will get all details about In-Game): Strategy and Tips for Beginners

If you have more question regarding this game then visit following link: MCOC FAQ & Answers

I made this page to share some MCOC related common tips via video guide. Following videos are made by some popular MCOC Youtubers. So thanks to them for making this game more easier 🙏 

Here you will learn:

📌 All in one Guide By MCOC AlBundyRules YouTube Channel
  • Video Timestamp -
  1. Blocking - 00:52
  2. Parry - 1:31
  3. Evade/Dexterity Basic Hits & Special Attack - 2:38
  4. Bait Special Attacks - 4:52
  5. Bait Heavies - 6:20
  6. Combo Hits Guide (Basic Hits, Heavy Attack, Special Attack) - 7:25 
  7. Hit into defenders block - 8:45
  8. Chain specials to the end of combo - 9:50
  9. Intercepting - 10:54
  10. Power control with intercepting - 12:27

📌 All Basic Attack Combos By mvinceable YouTube Channel

📌 Combo Guide - Beginner Info, Basics & Pro-Tips By Seatin Man of Legend YouTube Channel

📌 How to Re-Parry (Mid in combo) Fully Breakdown By Unofficial Kabam Mike YouTube Channel

📌 Taunting, Hit Confirmation, and Combo Timing By Dork Lessons YouTube Channel

📌 How To Bait Special Attacks - Tips And Tricks! By KT1 YouTube Channel

📌 How to Intercept By Unofficial Kabam Mike YouTube Channel

📌 Top 5 interception techniques By Guillaume5 YouTube Channel