MCOC Jubilee's Arcade-IA Side Quest Event Nodes and Rewards


MCOC Jubilee’s Arcade Side Quest Event
All About MCOC Jubilee’s Arcade Side Quest Event

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Here you will get all details of Jubilee's Arcade IA Side Quest Event like Defenders, nodes, rewards and How to play this event in Marvel Contest of Champions. The Arcade wants your tokens, no quarters given! You have until February 3, 10:00 AM PST to participate in the Event.

At the start of the Event, and mid-Event on January 20, you'll be given a PRIZE CARD VOUCHER. Use this Voucher in the Store to select which Prize Card you want and unlock Special Solo Objectives that will grant either Champion Crystal focused or Rank Up material focused rewards.
There are rewards for all 4 difficulties in the Arcade Side-Quests! Keep in mind that the Solo Objectives will reset midway through the month so make sure you’re achieving as many as you can before your timer runs out! At the midpoint you can select a second set of rewards to chase after by once again selecting between Champion Crystal materials or Rank Up materials.

IMPORTANT INFO: You will NOT be able to complete ALL Solo Objectives for ALL Difficulties. So be sure to focus on the Difficulty you want to complete before going after extra rewards from another Difficulty. Budgeting resources is key for any Pro Arcade Champ.


You'll need to Stamp that Card to get your rewards! Enter the Arcade and test your might against themed challenges and Champions! Every week you'll be given an allowance of JUBILEE’S ARCADE-IA TOKENS you can use for Arcade Side-Quest entries! Enjoy such arcade titles as:
  1. SPIDERS IN TIME: THE BIG APPLE - 5 Fights, 2x Stamps per Ouest.
  2. THE KING OF AVENGERS ‘98 - 5 Fights, 2x Stamps per Quest.

Special CONTINUE? Coins can be earned this month by completing the ARENA PRIZE CARD Solo Objectives. These Coins will revive ONE Champion with 25% of their health and can be used in any Quest content (excluding Alliance Quests) but will be disappearing when the Event ends on February 3, 10:00) AM PST.

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MCOC Jubilee’s Arcade Side Quest - Epic & Legend Difficulty
Image Credit - Cat Murdock

MCOC Jubilee’s Arcade Side Quest - Heroic & Master Difficulty
Image Credit - Cat Murdock

Looking for special Awards? Of course you are! Here’s some more prizes to look forward to:
  • ARENA PRIZE CARD Solo Objectives: Defeat X-Men tagged Champions in Arenas to win special CONTINUE? Coins and an exclusive Summoner Title!
  • PROFILE PIC PRIZE CARD Solo Objectives: Collect 64x Stamps from any Arcade Quests on any Difficulty to get an exclusive Profile Picture!
  • CAVALIER PRIZE CARD Solo Objectives: For those who have become Cavalier [by completing Act 6 Chapter 1, and Level 40+) or higher, collect 80X Stamps in Jubilee’s Arcade-ia Side-Quests on Legendary Difficulty to win 1x 10% Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal!
Claim your PRIZE CARD VOUCHER to claim a Prize Card in the Store and select your Champion Crystal focused rewards or Rank Up focused rewards, then head to the Side Quest Arcade and start stamping out those Solo Objectives! Once you use your Voucher you’ll also receive this week’s TOKENS! More Tokens will come weekly, and you have until January 20, 10:00 AM PST to complete your first set of PRIZE CARDS!

Gameplay Video -

First Look At Jubilee's Arcade Event! + Full Super Hyper Turbo Quest Clear! By KT1

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