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MCOC Best Champs to Rank By MCOC GUIDE BLOG

Hello everyone.

Here you will get an idea about Best MCOC Champs May 2024 to Ranked based on their Utility. 

The best champs to rank up in Marvel Contest of Champions depends on your playstyle, the game modes you prefer, and the champions you have available.

Suggestions are most welcome and I will look into it. If I found any appropriate comment, I'll update the list asap.

📌 Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) Best 4 star, 5 star and 6 star champs To Rank Up Guide May 2024 -

Marvel Contest of Champions is a hugely popular mobile fighting game where you collect and battle with your favorite Marvel superheroes and villains. But with so many champions to choose from, it can be tricky to know which ones are truly worth investing your resources to rank up.

Here are some of the standout champions that will give you the best bang for your buck when maxed out:

MCOC Best Science, Skill, Mutant, Tech, Cosmic and Mystic Attackers Champs to Rank 5

MCOC Best Science, Skill, Mutant, Tech, Cosmic and Mystic Defenders Champs to Rank 5

The list below will help you to rank the Best Defenders for Alliance War and Battleground in the Marvel Contest of Champions.

Again, it's important to note that the best champions to rank up will vary depending on your playstyle, team composition, and the game modes you prefer. So, take your time to experiment with different champions and find the ones that work best for you.


  1. I have a question, you suggest ronin as a worthy rankeable hero but don’t say if it’s for offense defense or prestige nor if he needs to Be awakened. Can you tell me? I’m debating if I should rank him, Frost or she hulk

    1. Hey hello Buddy 😀 Sorry for d late reply 😅

      i would like to suggest rankup on priority base:
      1st Frost (Lot's of utility champ - Immune to almost all debuff, she did lots of damage from her special attack)
      2nd She Hulk (Do upgrade if u r good with her bcoz her Gameplay style is different; Need aggressive Gameplay style - Hard Hitter Champ, Her sp1 reduce opponent power rate, sp2 can stop power gain as well as reverse regen effect)
      3rd Ronin (Easy to play - No need any xtra skills; also he is fine as an unduped)

  2. I have 4* Sunspot and 4* Emma Frost. You have Sunspot as a 5* all time fav but he's not on your 4* list to rank up to 5. Is 4* Sunspot any good? Should I focus on Emma Frost instead of Sunspot?

    1. Hey hello Chris 😀

      Thanks for correcting me.. Actually lot's of work is going on Blog(Maintenance).

      That's why some post are little bit not updated.

      Now come to the your Question (i'll try to sort out based on following points)

      1) Both are awesome as an unduped. (No need to be duped)
      ➥ Winner = Both.
      2) Immune Power :
      - Emma Frost’s organic diamond is immune to all Stun, Bleed, Poison, Incinerate, Shock, Frostbite, Coldsnap, Fatigue, Concussion, and Exhaustion effects.
      Also she takes very less damage when she is Diamond Form.
      - Sunspot is Immune to all Incinerate effects only.
      ➥ Winner = Emma Frost.
      3) Special Attack Damage :
      Both champions can do maxed amount of special damage.
      ➥ Winner = Both.

      Damage wise both are equal but utility wise Emma frost is winner.

      Now choice is your 😅

  3. I have 5 star both unduped hype as well as venom. I am confused whom to rank up first. Many said hype is not good unduped so venom is better. Can you pls help me as to whom should I upgrade and who is better option unduped.

    1. if both are unduped then my vote goes to Venom. and if both are duped then my vote goes to Hyperion.

  4. Human torch should be in rank 5 tier.

    1. Yes, He Deserve Rank 5 tier.
      Thanks for Correcting 👍🏻

  5. I have recently got 5 star morningstar. Should I rank her up unduped.

    1. Don't, Wait for better one..
      I hope this post will help you to take Rank Up decision :)

  6. I ranked up my 5 star hype to rank 3. But I got 5 star corvus glaive. Should I rank up hype to rank 4 or rank up corvus glaive.

    1. Rankup Hyperion if he is Duped, You can use him in Defense as well as Attacker.
      About Corvus Glaive: Just complete his Mission for better damage output.

      Both are great so Rankp as per your requirement 👍

  7. You don't mention Long Shot anywhere..!!
    I think, he is above average champ with it's Sp1 and Sp2 with pure of heart.

    Think about it...

  8. Should I rank up 6 star void unduped

  9. Hey brother I have resources to take one 5 star to rank 4. Following are the options:
    Sorcerer supreme unduped
    She hulk duped
    Domino unduped without rulk synergy
    Omega red unduped

    Sentinel unduped
    Venom unduped

    1. 1st preference - Domino or Venom. both r good as an unduped..
      2nd preference - She-Hulk needs aggressive gameplay. If you know how to use her effectively then she-hulk.

  10. Hi Capt,
    My only six star pull was Venom the Duck. Your charts for offence and defense don't list him at all. Where does he rank? I have dropped him in AW as a defender.
    Also darkhawk and void appear twice in the charts.

    1. Everything is fixed now, Thnx 👍
      Void is mentioned 2 times for Main Boss & Mini Boss. (In lower tier matchmaking war he perform good as a Main Boss and Higher tier matchmaking war he perform good as a Mini Boss not always but sometimes)

      VTD is not good defender, for defender diversity points purpose you can place him in war.

  11. Brother thanks for answering me. Actually I am confused which of my champions should I take for collector fight. My options are
    Sorcerer supreme unduped 5*r3
    Morningstar duped 5 star rank 3
    She hulk duped 5* r3
    Cap iw 4* r5
    Domino unduped 5*r3
    Sentinel unduped 5*r3
    Venom unduped 5*r2
    Corvus glaive unduped 5*r3
    I don't use suicides. Thanks again.

  12. Great list man! I'm torn between three 5* champs to go to rank 5. Unawakened Hyperion, unawakened Corvus or awakened Doom.

    I'm uncollected and trying to complete 5.4 then go Cavalier. Thoughts on which champ to go with?

    1. Hello Buddy 🙂
      I would like to suggest - Go first with Corvus Glaive. After him, Rank Up Doom.
      Unduped Hyperion is bellow the average. Click Here to view Unduped Vs Duped Hyperion Comparison

  13. Hello happy new year and great thx for your blog!
    I hardly try to make act 5.1/5.2 and even With 16 5* and 1 yondu 6* duped can't finish without boost...

    Now I'm thinking about rank up my 4*
    Duped heroes r5, like archangel and symbiotic...
    What's your opinion...?

    1. Hello Buddy and Happy New Year 🙂

      I can understand you are really trying hard to explore act 5. But trust me bro this is happened with everyone even I'm also going from this phase.. So I would like to say just focus on 5 Star and 6 Star Champs. (Atleast 5 Star). After Act 5 you cannot entered to Act 6 with 4 star Champs here eligible criteria to enter in Act 6 is only 5 Star & 6 Star Champs. So in-short 5 Star & 6 Star Champs are the future of this game as per your progression.

      I know you have good collection of 4 star champs but keep in mind these tier champs have very low health & attack, With 4 Star Champs you need lots of hits to finish fights in content like Act 5, Variant etc...

      I hope you will get Beyond-God Tier 5 Star Champs from crystals soon. (Stay Positive - "Great Things Take Time"). 👍

  14. Hey brother I am confused. I have 5 star unduped Domino and 5 star duped signature level 50 Omega red. Which is better if I don't use suicides. I am on act 5 chapter 3.
    Also is 5 star unduped captain America iw worth ranking up without synergy?

    1. Hey Hello Bro.

      If you are planning to unlock full suicide mastery then go for Omega Red otherwise "Big No" from my side. Doesn't matter he is on high sig or not.

      Sig ability of "Domino" helps her in Defense more. So she is great as an unduped. Try to use her with Rulk synergy and just spam Heavy till your SP2/SP3 gets ready.

      Now about unduped Cap America IW - 1) He has high Block Proficiency in-game. So you no need to worry about block damage. 2) Collect 5 Kinetic Charge by Blocking or doing Parry opponent's basic attack, use heavy attack and immediately use SP2 for Huge amount of crit damage. 5 star maxed Rank Cap IW can do up to 65k Damage on his SP2. So he is worth ranking up imo.

      Final words: Go for Domino or Cap IW. Both are great as an unduped 👍 They will help you to explore Act 5 for sure..

  15. I have both unduped 5 star venom and 5 star unduped corvus glaive. I don't use suicides. Whom should I rank up. Also is buffed 5 star falcon worth rank 4 unduped without synergies.

  16. Hey Hello Buddy.

    imo Both (CG and Venom) are great as an unduped. So Rank up them back to back as per your need.

    Now about Falcon: After Buffed, Falcon is now "King of Utility". I hope you have an idea about his "lock on" ability. His sig ability helps him to hit hard. and with Captain America IW synergy he will get little bit of Attack + Health Boost. So imo Unduped Falcon is good based on utility and Duped is great based on damage.

  17. hello bro I'm confused which one is better to ranked up;
    1. domino 5* rank 4 duped
    2. guillotine 2099 5* rank 4 unduped
    3. gwenpool 5* rank 4 duped
    4. Thing 5* rank 4 duped.

    for my 6* champion, which one is better to be ranked up to rank 2;
    1. colossus
    2. void
    3. mister sinister
    4. Thor (ragnarok)

    # (all 6* unduped)
    your suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you my friend.

    1. Hey Hello Buddy :) And sorry for the late reply...

      First Rankup your Domino she will help you in both i.e attack & defense. (I hope you know how to use her, she is great with Rulk synergy.)
      2nd preference Guillotine 2099.

      As of now Don't rankup any 6 star. wait for better one...

  18. Hi, i have a suggestion for heavy hitting champs section. Ever considered Angela? She's my go to champ whenever I want to finish opponents easily. And, she's easily to understand and play too. So, please check about her and add her ..(now she even got buffs added) 😁

    1. Hey thnx for d comment Buddy :)
      True and agreed on Angela.. She is added to d list.

  19. Really appreciate your insights. I have a five star Hercules and a 5 star Cosmic Ghost Rider, both unawakened. You would recommend the CGR to level up first then?

    1. Hey Hi Buddy:)

      Welcome to d MCOC GUIDE BLOG.

      Both champs are best as an unduped + Have Utility + Huge Damage Output.

      1. If you know how to intercept then Hercules. Aggressive play style help a lot here.. He is not easy to use as compared with CGR.

      2. Cosmic Ghost Rider (CGR) Gameplay Rotations are easy to understand + He is easy to use.

      So now Rankup any above champs as per your need + your gameplay style..

      Don't forget to share our blog page with your alliance teammates 😀

  20. I appreciate your blog/info. This is a lot of time spent and for a newbie player like me (only one year in), it’s super helpful, so thank you.
    I have the following 6* all unduped and don’t know who or if I should rank up to r2:
    Gold pool
    Emma frost
    Squirrel girl
    OG Elektra

    I have 64 5* champs, but only 6 of them are duped. The next ones I can bring to r5 are
    Mephisto (duped)
    I just pulled Red Magneto and Thing, so I could focus on them too. Any insight is appreciated.

    1. Hey Thnx for the feedback Buddy, And sorry for d late reply...
      Welcome to the MCOC GUIDE BLOG. Don't forget to share our blog link with your alliance teammates...

      6 Star Unduped Champs that consider to Rank -
      1. Gambit - For Attack (If you have Apocalypse in Team)
      2. Mojo - For Defense (Before Ranking Ask your alliance if they are following Diversity)
      3. Wasp - For both Attack and Defense
      4. Emma Frost - For Defense (Before Ranking Ask your alliance if they are following Diversity)
      5. Sersi - Best For Attack (Sig ability will help her Defense)
      6. Gwenpool - For Attack (Most Underrated Champ - Old is Gold)

      In 5 Star Champs -
      1. Tigra only for Both Attack and Defense (She is not easy to use so before Ranking Learn how to use her) (Don't Rank Mephisto or Sunspot - Just focus on 6 star champs)

      2. Red Magneto is the King of Mutant Class - Great as an Unduped too (Rank up asap if you don't have him in 6 star)

      3.THING - Must be duped + High Sigh For better Defense (Before Ranking Ask your alliance if they are following Diversity)

  21. Just wanted to add Spider-Man 2099 to slow debuff champs. It’s sp3 but it’s there and maintainable after triggering. Thanks

  22. Hey! Maybe Quicksilver is missing? Have a nice day.

  23. maybe quicksilver is missing?

  24. Hello I have these as 5 stars. I am planning to complete act 6 chapter 1. Which ones should I rank 5?
    Sorcerer Supreme unduped
    Hype duped
    Corvus unduped
    Venom unduped
    Odin unduped
    CAIW duped
    Mister fantastic unduped
    She Hulk unduped
    Falcon duped
    Shang chi unduped( don't know how to use)
    BWDO unduped
    Crossbones unduped
    Domino unduped
    Omega red duped
    Gambit unduped
    Guilly 2099 unduped
    Sentinel unduped
    Following are 6 stars rank 1
    Void unduped
    Mr negative unduped
    Which is best team for cavalier? How many units and potions I require considering myself to be avg player.

    1. Hey Hi Budddy 😀 Welcome to the MCOC GUIDE BLOG.

      You can R5 below champs..

      Hype duped
      Corvus unduped
      Venom unduped
      Odin unduped (Sysnegy purpose for all cosmic champs)
      CAIW duped
      Falcon duped
      Domino unduped (Use Redhulk for synergy purpose. Parry & Heavy till your SP2 or SP3 is getting ready)

      Above mentioned champs will definitely helps you to finish act 6 + cavalier. Potions & Units is based on your gameplay...

      Good Luck Buddy 👍

  25. Bro is domino still that good? And will corvus be useful keeping in mind he is not made for long fights? Thanks for your help.

    1. Yes Bro, Domino is Great with her synergy.
      For short fights Corvus +1 charge is Great option.

  26. Actually I have hype as 5 star rank 5 duped. Thinking of taking one 5 star cosmic as rank 5? All are 5 stars unduped. Who is best for act 6?
    Corvus Glaive
    And also how is 6 star rank 1 unduped mr negative? Will be help to complete act 6 chapter 1? Is he better than 6* void unduped? Thanks in advance.

  27. Hey I’m on act 5 chapter 1.I have the following 5 stars:Falcon,Kingpin,Gorr,Mr Negative,GR,Emma Frost,Nebula,Elsa Bloodstone and Night Thrasher.Well,Falcon,Kingpin,Gorr,Mr Negative and GR are at rank 2 while the rest are at rank 1.So,which of these champs I mentioned should I use in act 5?

    1. All mentioned champs are good for a rankup, Exclude Night Thrasher from it.

  28. Oh yes continuing from my post about the 5 stars I have and who to use in act 5,I just pulled 5 star BWCV and Nova.Are they useful for act 5?


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