MCOC Summer Smackdown: A special Boss Rush Side Event

SUMMER SMACKDOWN | Boss Rush July 2020

SUMMER SMACKDOWN: A special Boss Rush is now available!

Starting on July 29th, 10:00 AM PDT, SUMMER SMACKDOWN - ALPHA will become available. This Quest is the first of 6 Boss Rushes to release this Summer With one releasing each week; A new Boss Rush is going to drop every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks, and the final Boss Rush releasing on Sept 2nd 10.00 AM PDT. 
The First 5 Quests will be typical Boss Rushes, featuring fights from previous Event Quests. These Quests will include a unique item: SMACKDOWN SHADES. Collect these for entry into the final Boss Rush, OMEGA

SUMMER SMACKDOWN - OMEGA will be released Sept 2nd 10:00 AM PDT and you'll need all 5 Smackdown Shades items to enter it i.e you need to to clear previous 5 weeks in order to unlock it. Once you've acquired these items you can enter as many times as you like.
OMEGA will be an extra long and extra tough Boss Rush, combining the previous Boss Rushes for the ultimate challenge. Once Omega is released, you'll have two weeks to complete all 6 Quests before they disappear on Sept 23rd 10:00 AM PDT.

📌 FAQ About This Quest:

Can we get double rewards after playing this Boss Rush Quest again?

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MCOC Summer Smackdown - Boss Rush Guide 2020
Image Credit: MCOC Trucos

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🔥 Summer Smackdown special Boss Rush Side Event Rewards:


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