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Looking for a Guide to beat THING in Marvel Contest of Champions? or Are you stuck In Quest/Alliance War where THING is there.? Then yes you are on right webpage.. Here you will get basic idea about THING Ability | Signature Ability, Best Champs option to Counter THING.

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📌 Before fighting to THING let's see his ability:
  1. Champion Class: Science
  2. Basic Abilities: Rock Stacks, Fury, Weakness, Stun
  3. Signature Ability - Unbreakable Spirit: 
While Heavy Attack Charging Thing activates Protection for the next 5 second(s), reducing all damage by 70%, plus +1% for each Rock Stack.
Once this ability finishes, it goes into cooldown and cannot be reactivated for 20 seconds.
Unbreakable Spirit will also trigger when Thing is Stunned.

MCOC Thing Sig Ability

Unbreakable Spirit will also trigger when the Opponent would deal 300% or more of their Attack Rating with a Basic Attack, or 300% or more of their Attack Rating with a Special Attack Hit. This trigger ignores the ability cooldown.

💥 About THING:
  • Immune to Bleed, Shock, Armor Break, Armor Shattered, Nullify, Stagger, and Fate Seal effects.
  • Generate 1 Rock Stack when Struck.
  • Generate 1 Rock Stack when Blocking a Hit.
  • Generate 4 additional Rock Stacks with a Well-Timed Block.
  • Thing removes 3 Rock Stack(s) when he would receive a Bleed. This can’t occur more than once every 2 second(s).
  • Special Attack 1 & 2: If Thing has 15 or more Rock Stacks, he removes all Rock Stacks and this attack is Unblockable.

🔥 Passive – Rock Stack:
MCOC Thing Rock Stack
  • Rock Stacks last indefinitely, up to 15 Stacks. Any additional Rock Stacks last for 5 seconds. Rock Stacks are capped at 20.
  • For each Rock Stack, Physical and Energy Resistance is increased by +127.66.
  • Whenever a Rock Stack is removed or the duration expires, Thing gains a permanent Passive Fury, granting +36.81 Attack. These Fury effects are capped at 60.

Unstoppable: Things become Unstoppable once you hit him after his 15 Rock Stacks

MCOC THING Unstoppable

🔥 Tips to Fight THING: 
  • Push THING'S charges to 15 either hitting him or hitting his block, and then bait special. if he has 15 charges and fires a special, all charges will be removed and he won't ever go unstoppable. 
  • Sometimes it will create condition like THING is going to touch his 15 charges but his power bar is not filled, Then saw his standing position if he is standing blocking state, you can hit into his block and raise the charges above 15+ without penalty(Unstoppable) and let him fill power bar. Once he throw his special attack his rock stacks will remove as i mentioned above. If you can master this, then this fight will be not that difficult as u think.
  • If you have spider-gwen, she-hulk or spider-man(stealth suit) like champs then apply Slow Debuff on him. Now you can attack him normally without worry of causing him to go Unstoppable, you just need to make sure to re-apply slow debuff when it expired..
  • When THING gets a bleed, he loses 2 rock stacks. So Bleed champs like Gwenpool, Nick Fury & Blade also effective against him.
  • Black Widow(OG - Skill Class) also works great here. As per her Sig Ability she can reduce Abilities of opponent; She doesn't raise THING Rock Stacks.
  • Elektra is also good option here. When Elektra apply debuff on opponent during that time she can reduce abilities of opponent. So hit THING during Parry(stun) and spam SP1 Attack to reduce THING'S Rock Stacks.
💥 Following Champs will help you to take down THING:
  • Falcon - Once Falcon's Lock on Charge is applied on THING, during that time THING can't gain Rock Stacks.
  • Black Widow(OG) [Ability Accuracy Reduction Champ]
  • Elektra [Bleed + Ability Accuracy Reduction Champ]
  • Blade [Bleed on Parry  + Spam SP1/SP2 Attack]
  • Nick Fury [Bleed on Basic Hits]
  • Gwenpool [Bleed on Basic Hits]
  • She Hulk - Best Option [She can apply Slow Debuff on Heavy, To re-apply Slow Debuff Hit Heavy again]
  • Spider Gwen - Best Option [She can apply Slow Debuff on Heavy, To re-apply Slow Debuff Hit Heavy again]
  • Spider-Man(Stealth Suit) - [Activate Pre Fight Ability - To apply Slow Debuff do normal hits ]
  • Sorcerer Supreme  [She can apply Slow Debuff on Special Attack]
  • Any Champ - As per the tips mention above; push THING to 15 Rock Stacks and try to bait his special attack to avoid unwanted Unstoppable Buff.

🚀 Video Guide:

How To Fight Stun Debuff Immune Thing - Marvel Contest Of Champions By DarkZodiacINC

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  1. Thank you so much for this!! Two teammates of my alliance were stuck in war because of him and I was asked by an officer to help them and I didn't know how to beat him. One of my champs was Fury and I didn't know he was so useful against The Thing. Now I can beat him easily. Again, thank you so so so much!!

    1. You are most welcome 😀
      And don't forget to share our blog link with your alliance teammates..


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