How to beat MCOC Modok | How to fight MCOC Modok

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Looking for a Guide to beat MODOK in Marvel Contest of Champions? or Are you stuck In Quest/Alliance War where MODOK is there.? Then yes you are on right webpage.. Here you will get basic idea about MODOK Ability | Signature Ability, Best Champs option to Counter MODOK.

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📌 Things that you must need to know about MODOK before fighting:
  1. Champion Class: Science
  2. Basic Abilities: Flux, Force Field, Bleed, Incinerate
  3. Signature Ability - Master Plan – Blocking and Auto-Blocking are enhanced, especially if M.O.D.O.K. has already defeated an enemy of the same Class; Force Fields have +128 Block Proficiency for each Class defeated within the same Quest, plus a unique Block bonus for subsequent fights against that Class:
  • Mutant Champions: Take 16% less Special Attack damage.
  • Tech Champions: Gain 5% max Power when struck.
  • Cosmic Champions: Take 5% less damage per unique enemy Buff.
  • Mystic Champions: Steal 5% max Power when struck.
  • Science Champions: Take 5% less damage per unique Debuff.
  • Skill Champions: Why bother? They’re not even superhuman!

🔥 About Force Field(Passive) Shield:  

  • Modok Start the fight with 1 Force Field charge(Blue Shield Icon below Health Bar), each Auto-Blocking an attack with +174 Block Proficiency. Force Fields cannot trigger Parry.
  • The force field triggers Auto-Block before it's Depleted. Once depleted his force field comes back after 7 seconds..
  • Modok's regular blocks have a Blue impact animation And Modok's Auto-Blocks have a Red impact animation
  • Modok can quickly recover & counter attack on red impact, So stop hitting him once you saw Red Impact Animation
  • Modok's force field recharge 0.8 seconds faster.. For each alive champion on your team. 
  • For regular quests recharge time is 3 seconds if all 5 champs are alive And for Alliance War Recharge time is 4.6 seconds if all 3 champs are alive.

🔥 Imp Note:
  • Use full combos only when the force field is inactive.
  • When Modok's Force Field is Disabled or He is stunned start hitting him freely.  
  • While evading Modok's special 1 Attack make sure have large spacing between your champ & Modok. Modok's Special 2 is easy to evade..
  • Modok's SP1 Attack reverse Heal + Power Gain, Modok's SP2 Attack deal Bleed damage & Modok's SP3 Attack applied randon debuff on You like Fatigue, Exhaustion, Weakness, Poison, Armor Break, Heal Block, Concussion, and Stun.
  • As long as a Force Field charge is active, opponents’ Power Gain Rate is reduced by up to 100% based on Flux. Power Gain Rate governs abilities that generate Power outside of Attacking, such as those of Doctor Strange, Vision, Hyperion, or the Mystic Dispersion Mastery.
  • True Accuracy, True Strike And Ability Accuracy Reductions champs are most effective against MODOK. These ability champs can easily crack/disable Modok's auto-block abilities..

💥 Following Champs will help you to take down MODOK:
  • Black Widow(OG - Skill Class) [Duped - Maxed Sig Lvl]
  • Blade (Synergy with Ghost Rider)
  • Archangel - Parry and then spam Heavy Attack till Special Attack is Ready.
  • Crossbones - Decrease Defensive Ability Accuracy by 22% per Fury.
  • Corvus Glaive (Synergy with Proxima Midnight)
  • Aegon(Duped) - Activates True Accuracy after 130 Combo Hits.
  • Cull Obsidian(Duped) - Thanos's Favor Buffs: 5+ Each buff provide True Accuracy.
  • Killmonger - True Strike Champ: Immediately Counter Attack when Modok use his Special Attack. 
  • Proxima Midnight(Duped) - Activates True Accuracy after completing her Mission.
  • Heimdall - He gains permanent True Strike buff after activates each time special attack. 
  • Mole Man - He activates True Strike below 5 Monster Mass.
  • Hyperion (Duped) - Spam SP1/SP3 Attack.
  • Stark Spidey - Collect 10 Poise Charge Then Parry and Hit Heavy attack only till his SP3 attack is ready. opponent suffer 30% reduced ability accuracy after stark spidey SP3.

🚀 Video Guide:

How to beat mcoc modok | How to fight mcoc modok | Marvel Contest of Champions By mvinceable

MCOC - How to Fight M.O.D.O.K By Lord Shaedow

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  1. Great guide! Another good counter is Night Thrasher. His board hits bypass the force field.


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