How to beat MCOC Annihilus | How to fight MCOC Annihilus

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Looking for a Guide to beat Annihilus in Marvel Contest of Champions? or Are you stuck In Quest/Alliance War where Annihilus is there.? Then yes you are on right webpage.. Here you will get basic idea about Annihilus Ability | Signature Ability, Best Champs option to Counter Annihilus.

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📌 Things that you must need to know about Annihilus before fighting:
  1. Champion Class: Cosmic
  2. Basic Abilities: Cosmic Control Rod, Armor Break, Stifle, Unstoppable
  3. Signature Ability - Tremble Before Me:
  • When Annihilus’ Opponents back is near a wall, Annihilus gains 1 Passive Aptitude Effect, increasing the Potency of all Fury, Armor Up, and Precision Buffs by 100%.
  • When Annihilus’ back is near a wall he gains a Passive Block Penetration Effect, allowing all attacks to ignore 100% of the Opponents Block Proficiency.
🔥 Cosmic Control Rod
MCOC Annihilus Cosmic Control Rod
  • Annihilus gains the Cosmic Control Rod at the Start of the Fight.
  • Whenever any Buff would be removed by a Nullify, Fate Seal, or Stagger, the effect is Purified and the Cosmic Control Rod is removed for 10 seconds.
  • When the Cosmic Control Rod is Removed, Annihilus gains 3 Fury Buffs, each increasing Attack Rating by 436.8 for 10 seconds.
🔥 Obliterating Strikes

MCOC Annihilus Obliterating Strikes
  • While the Cosmic Control Rod is active, all Attacks have a 60% chance to be an Obliterating Strike. The Parry Mastery has no effect on Annihilus if his attack was an Obliterating Strike. 
  • Obliterating Strikes inflict Armor Break, reducing Armor Rating by 222.22 for 5 seconds.
  • Annihilus is Immune to incoming Stun Debuffs while launching an Obliterating Strike.
⭐ Imp Note:
  • Annihilus is immune to Incinerate, Frostbite, Coldsnap, and any effect that lowers or locks Power when Cosmic Rod buff is active on him. Whenever he is immune to Incinerate debuff, the attacker will apply Slow Debuff on Annihilus for 8 seconds that will stop his unstoppable buff. (Mehisto, Black Widow Claire Voyant, Sunspot and Human Torch these are example who's most effective against Annihilus)
  • When Annihilus is Taunted, he gain True Accuracy, Unblockable, and Unstoppable buffs.

💥 Following Champs will help you to take down Annihilus:
  • Proxima Midnight - Opponent’s have 200% Offensive Ability Accuracy reduction when Proxima Midnight blocks an attack. Additionally, she can use the Parry Mastery against any basic attack, stunning opponents even if their attack is projectile based.
  • Storm Pyramid X never misses a parry to Annihilus. If Annihilus prevents it, she will apply passive stun.
  • Symbiote Supreme - His stagger will not allow Annihilus to activate his Cosmic Rod and Fury buffs.
  • Black Widow Claire Voyant - After landing Light or Medium attack she can Nullified 1 Buff. Her Special 2 inflict the opponent with Buff Immunity for 10 seconds.
  • Doctor Doom - Landing a Heavy Attack has a 100% chance to Stagger the Opponent for 10 seconds. His SP1 can nullify Buff 100%. And then keep using Combo Hit Like - M + L + L + L + Heavy Attack.
  • She Hulk - Her heavy attack can stop Unstoppable Buff. (Her heavy attack cannot be interrupted when the opponent is unstoppable)
  • Spider Gwen - Her heavy attack can stop Unstoppable Buff.
  • Spider Man (Stealth Suit) - Select pre fight ability i.e "web-Foam" before a fight to apply slow debuff and keep refreshing the web cartridge with a SP3 attack.
  • Captain America (IW) - He can hit through Unstoppable and remove the Unstoppable buff When at least one kinetic reactor is enabled.
  • Mephisto: Spam SP1 to avoid his Unstoppable. Also he start the fight with Soul Imprisons that can helps to not activate Cosmic Rod buff/Fury/Unstoppable of Annihilus for 15 seconds. So before expiring Soul Imprisons Use SP1.
  • Magik - Use either SP1 or SP3.
  • Doctor Voodoo - Spam SP1.
  • Scarlet Witch - Her critical hits can Nullify a buff.
  • Morningstar - Use SP2.
  • Doctor Strange (Duped) - Use either SP2 or SP3.
  • Loki (Steal buff) - Use either SP1 or SP3.
  • Rogue (Steal buff) - Use either SP1 or SP3.
  • Man Thing - Basic Hits + Special 2.
If you don't have above champs then watch following video's and learn How to Intercept. alert-info

🚀 Video Guide:

How to Defeat Annihilus - Backdraft Intercepts - Marvel Contest of Champions By Dj Kaboozled

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