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📌 All about Marvel Contest of Champions Alliance Quest Guide

This Video looks in great detail on joining a new alliance, key information required for understanding alliance participation and more. Also it looks into detail of alliance wars and alliance quest and the importance of glory and loyalty. 

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⭐ Time Codes :
  • 0:24 – How to join an alliance
  • 3:00 – What to Do in Alliance Quest
  • 4:44 – Prestige Importance and Calculator
  • 6:58 – AW Prepping and Understanding
  • 8:18 – AW Offence
  • 9:11 – Glory Store
  • 10:24 – Loyalty Store
  • 11:29 – Making Further Progression in your MCOC career
  • 11:56 – 3 Day Events and Summoner Advancment

📌 About MCOC Alliance Quest and some Rules : 

MCOC AQ Overview, Alliance Prestige and Map Selection
MCOC AQ Overview, Alliance Prestige and Map Selection

MCOC AQ Map Modifiers, Alliance Tickets and Battlegroup
MCOC AQ Map Modifiers, Alliance Tickets and Battlegroup

MCOC AQ Map Overview, Node Details, Energy limit and Rank Rewards
MCOC AQ Map Overview, Node Details, Energy limit and Rank Rewards

  • Alliance quests are currently one of the top priorities of every Alliance. 
  • The Alliance Leadership (Leader & Officer) will have to start Alliance Quests.
  • Similar to Alliance WAR, any Champions you use in Alliance Quest will be locked in until the Quest is completed.
  • There are six Alliance Quest maps in Marvel Contest of Champions, each of which last 24 hours. 
  • There are 3 BG'S in Alliance Quest. 10 Players per Battle Group. Each Quest requires members to form teams of three (3) Champions to explore the map. 
  • BG2 and BG3 cannot begin until the previous group (BG1) has at least three people.
  • Treasury Donations : The treasury is where the alliance donates gold, battle chips, and loyalty.The alliance treasury goes towards alliance quests.Without Donation you can not run map 4 , map 5 & map 6 (map 1 , map 2 & map 3 is free now). 

📌 Alliance Events :

There are a few events that run during Alliance Quests which provide opportunities to earn rewards over and above those available in the Alliance Quests.

⚡ Node Removal -

This event runs for one day and alternates with the Alliance Brawl event while Alliance Quests are open.

⚡ Alliance Brawl -

This 1-day event alternates with the Node Removal event while Alliance Quests are open.

⚡ Alliance Quest Completion -

This 5-day event begins when Alliance Quests open and ends when Alliance Quests close.

📌 Alliance Strategy : 

Top performance in an alliance quest requires teamwork. Communication and strategy are essential to success in the Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) alliance quests.

Leadership (Leader & Officer) should be  8 Officers + 1 Leader. (Now Assign 3 Captain per Battle Group.)

Captain/Leadership Job : Assist your team to explore each map fully.

  1. In each BG, there will be “Boss killers” people who generally are able to defeat the sub-bosses without sustaining significant losses. If we have assigned a boss killer, then let that person clear the sub-boss if he is available when needed.
  2. Your Group Captain will contact you when you are needed, and your absence can affect the whole team. Convey your availability in advance with your team, so that the quest can be planned accordingly.
  3. Don't fight someone who is being buffed by a linked node.You will either end up KO'd or with significantly less health than you would have if you had waited, and this hurts your entire team.
  4. If you have any doubt as to which path to take, ask your group Captain (Officer)/Leader on Line App (social app which you are using for game strategy purpose).
  5. Never take a path that already has two people on it. If every path has been traveled by two people, in that case take the path that would be most useful in helping the team advance.
  6. In the event that you are killed on AQ, and do not have the resources to revive, you can still help out your team mates by sharing your energy with them.

📌 Recommended Champions For AQ in MCOC :

⚡ Best Power Control Champ -
  • Vision(Both) - Duped 
  • Scarlet Witch  - Duped 
  • Magik 
  • Hawkeye 
  • Ghost Rider
  • Doctor Voodoo  - Duped 
  • Winter Solder  - Duped 
  • Dormammu 
  • Rogue 
  • Doctor Octopus 
  • Stark Spidey

⚡ Best Regen Champ -
  • Wolverine  - Duped
  • X 23
  • Rogue 
  • Ghost Rider 
  • Doctor Voodoo  - Duped
  • Ultron
  • Doctor Strange
  • Blade  - Duped
  • Venom The Duck
  • Scarlet Witch  - Duped 

⚡ Best Immune Champ List (Bleed, Poisson, Incinerate, etc..) -
  • Warlock
  • Ultron
  • Nebula
  • Darkhawk 
  • Vision Both
  • Cap/Miss Marvel 
  • Hulk
  • HULK Ragnarok 
  • Ghost Rider 
  • Iceman
  • Dormammu 
  • Luke Cage
  • Red Hulk 
  • Hyperion
  • Corvus Glaive - Duped

⚡ Best Hard Hitter Champ -
  • Aegon (With Synergy Team Star Lord & Angela)
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Spider man stark enhanced
  • Star Lord - Duped
  • Hyperion - Duped
  • Angela
  • Ghost
  • Namor
  • Domino Synergy with Rulk
  • Blade Synergy with Ghost Rider
  • Captain America infinity war
  • Classic Thor - Duped
  • Captain Marvel Movie (With Synergy Nick Fury)
  • Cap/Miss Marvel - Duped
  • Scarlet Witch  - Duped 
  • Hulk – Duped
  • Hulk Ragnarok
  • Gwenpool

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📌 Video Guide :

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