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📌 Straight warning from Kabam | MCOC Team - If you hack, cheat, share your account, attempt to sell your account or commit fraud, we will find you and punish you in order to protect the game playing experience for our honest and dedicated players. This includes using 'pay for services' where someone else offers to complete in-game tasks for you in exchange for some form of payment. Make no mistake, this is a form of account sharing and these individuals often use third party software in order to complete these tasks - a double whammy of no-nos.

If you are wondering where to report new hacks or mods you think you've found, or suspicious player activity - you can PM a forum moderator, or contact customer service directly. Posts sharing information on how to hack or cheat the game, as well as accusing other players of cheating will be removed from our forums or have their posts deleted. We do not allow public finger pointing, as many of the accusations we see turn out to be false. Due to privacy concerns, we cannot follow up and share results of our investigations. But we can assure you that we take action and ban where needed and deserved. Our team detests cheating just as much as all of you do!

Other behavior that we take action on, which can range from temporary in-game suspensions, chat bans, to permanent game bans: online bullying, chat behavior of a sexual nature, anything that is racist, sexist, or discriminatory in nature. MCOC is meant to be an abuse free zone, and those that engage in unpleasant or abusive trolling behavior will be dealt with.

We greatly appreciate all of the reports we receive from players wanting to keep The Contest a fun gaming experience for everyone! 

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📌 Here are some other tips that will help to keep your account secure :
  • Never share your account, this goes directly against our Terms of Service.
  • Do not install third party software designed to modify the game code in any way. Stay away from MCOC Mod apk, Cheats, Unlimited Units, Hack Apk, Modded apk Kind of stuff. Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) Mobile Game is "Online Game" if their server catch you while hacking then they will "BAN" you on their server.
  • Be careful of scam and phishing emails.
  • NEVER give out your password to anyone, or tap on unknown links from untrusted sources.
  • If your MCOC Account (ID) got BAN then click on below button i.e "GET TECH SUPPORT". Share all details with Kabam what exactly happend. If you are clean gamer then there is chance to get back your account 🙂

Play Fair & Enjoy Game...
Else Result = Permanent Ban

MCOC Kabam Tech Support


  1. That is plain stupid. I understand hacking, but sharing account ? selling account ? What does it have to do with them what I do with my account


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