How to Change MCOC Account Password

MCOC - KABAM - Forgot Password

  Kabam ID Password Reset

Here are the steps to reset your password. You will have to do this in-game!

1. On the Home screen, tap the Gear icon in the upper left corner 

MCOC In-Game

2. You will see "LOG IN OPTIONS", tap that 

MCOC Login Option

3. If you are signed in with your Kabam ID, you will need to log out. Then tap Sign In With Kabam 

MCOC Logout

MCOC Login

4. Tap Forgot Password? 

MCOC Forgot Password

5. Enter your registered email. 

MCOC Enter Email Id

6. You will then get a reset password code emailed directly to you!

After checking your email, if you do not find the code, please also check your Spam folder. Occasionally, an ISP may accidentally filter messages like this as spam. 

MCOC Reset Code

7. Now new window screen will show on your mobile with two field i.e enter reset code & enter new password. 

MCOC Reset Code and Password

If for any reason this doesn't work, you will need to contact support for further assistance! 

 Hope this resolved your question.  :)


  1. awesome post
    it really helps :) tysm

  2. it works for me...

    thank you mcoc-guide :) u roxxxxxxxx

  3. Very Helpful article :) Thanks

  4. How to change email account kabam, because my email for office

  5. How conect account id kabam to id google play because when i log in use kabam not same with log in use google play, progress log in use kabam level 40 but log in use google play diferent game.


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