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How to Easily defeat Storm Pyramid X - Image Credit KABAM
Image Credit - KABAM | MCOC Team

Hello friends,
Looking for a guide to defeat Uncollected Storm Pyramid X? Then checkout following Video Guide + Best champs suggestion.

 Uncollected Event Quest (April 2020) : 
From Beyond
 Boss - Storm Pyramid X

😎 Key Of Success = Perfect Champ + Your Skill.

📌 About Storm Pyramid X:
  • Tag: Villain
⭐️ Storm Pyramid X Abilities -  
  • If the Opponent Purifies a Stun Debuff it is replaced with a Passive Stun lasting 2 seconds.
  • Activation of Tempests is unaffected by Ability Accuracy.
  • When Either Champion Fills a Bar of Power, she gains prowess buffs.
  • Ice Tempest: Gain Immunity to Coldsnap and Frostbite, and incoming Basic Attacks have a 60% chance to Glance. Glancing Hits cannot be Critical, deal 50% reduced damage, and suffer -100% Offensive Ability Accuracy.
  • Lightning Tempest: Decrease the potency of incoming Shock effects by 100% and each active Prowess adds 2% chance to Stun the Opponent on Hit for 0.9 second(s). Max 16% chance.
⭐️ Storm Pyramid X Strengths :
  • Storm Pyramid X has 60% chance to cause all incoming Basic Attacks to glance.
  • If fighting Opponents with lots of Physical Resistance, Storm will cut through them quickly.  
  • When Tempest is active she has a small chance to Stun the Opponent on Hit. 
  • If She has 6 Prowess active when launching a Special Attack, she becomes Unblockable.
⭐️ Storm Pyramid X Weakness :
  • Removing her Tempests(Pre Fight Ability) are the key to defeating her.
  • If Storm is affected by Power Locked or Power Drained, Tempests are removed for 8 seconds and she can no longer gain Prowess.
⭐️ Imp Note -  
  • Try to bait her SP1 Attack (Don't push her to 2 bars of power)
  • Try to bring those champs in a team who have abilities like - Power Control, Nullifing, Hard Hitter, Armor Break, True Strike, True Damage
⭐️ Active Buffs on Storm Pyramid X (Node Buffs) - 
  • Champions Boost: +100% Attack & Boost.
  • Armor: +90% Armmor. (Crit Resistance)
  • Return Policy -2: Whenever any of the Defenders Buffs are Nullified they gain 40% of bar of power.
  • Aggression: Prowess - Every 2 seconds, the defender gains a Prowess Passive increasing Special Attack damage by 50% per stack. When the Defender is struck, remove a stack. 
📌 Best Champs to Defeat Storm Pyramid X Uncollected : 
  • Blade(With Ghost Rider Synergy)
  • Doctor Voodoo(Duped) - Spam SP1/SP2 Attack.
  • Magik - Spam SP2 Attack to Power Lock.
  • Dormammu - Power Drain/Power Burn/Nullify.
  • Ronan - King of Stun Chain.
  • Hawkeye - Spam SP1 Attack.
  • Vision (AOU) - Power Burn on All Special Attack.
  • Mephisto - Spam SP1 Attack.
  • Symbiote Supreme - Power Control Champ/Nullify Buffs.
  • Stark Spidey - Collect 10 Poise Charges then Hit Heavy till his SP2 Attack get Ready. (Repeat these steps)
  • Domino (With Rulk Synergy) - Spam Heavy till her Special Attack get Ready.
  • Mysterio - (Power Drain on SP2 Attack)
  • Captain America IW
  • Human Torch (With Prefight Ability)
  • Iron Fist - Armor Break Champ
  • Corvus Glaive - Armor Break Champ
  • Proxima Midnight
  • Venom The Duck - Spam SP2 Attack
  • Quake (If you know how to use her)
📌 Video Guide :
💥 How to Easily Defeat Storm Pyramid X (Uncollected) Marvel Contest of Champions - By Jason Voorhees

💥 Ronan the Accuser VS Storm Pyramid X (Uncollected) Easiest way By Unofficial Kabam Mike

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