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MCOC Varient 3 | Polar Opposites
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Variant 3 | Back Issues #3 Polar Opposites is easy as compare to Variant 1 and Variant 2.

👉🏻 Here are some Basic tips for you about Variant 3:
  1. Make sure you have enough Tech Champions bcoz in Variant 3 all Tech Champions are immune to ability accuracy reduction also Tech champs Debuff duration is increased by 10%. Sentinel is MVP Champ in this quest bcoz Sentinel gains double analysis and deals double damage at 100 Analysis as per unique global node buff.
  2. All non-tech champs suffer a -50% attack as a penalty in Variant 3
  3. Make sure you have enough resources before entering to the Variant 3  like : Revive + Health Potions, Attack + Health + Power Boosts, Units around 1.5k to 2k for backup.
  4. Bring following champs combination in your team for Variant 3. A champ who is Immune to Bleed + Poison. Also bring Some Hard Hitter champs in case if you don't have or having less Tech class champs.

👉🏻 Champion Recommendations in Variant 3 (In Tech Class):
  • Ghost - A good damage dealer champ. Also she gets helps with her synergy Team. 
  • Warlock - Almost all rounder champ (Power Control + Heal Block + Decent Shock Damage + Immunity King)
  • Sentinel - In Variant 3; 4 star maxed Sentinel is also enough. Decent damage + Immunity King makes him perfect option for Variant 3(Imp Note - Use his SP2 when his 100% Analysis is done for better damage output)
  • Stark Spidey - He starts hitting hard once he collect 10 poise charge. One more thing is as Kabam mentioned in Variant 3 Tech champs debuff is increased by 10%. So here Stark Spidey will get an advantage on his SP1 like long stun chain if u bring Spiderman MM in your team for Synergy purpose + Long Shock Debuff on His SP2. (His Taunt + Power Drain on Heavy also helps him a lot in Variant 3) 
  • Star Lord - "Old is Gold". No special utility but with Aegon Synergy helps him to maintain his combo high once in fight. He is hard hitter + maxed special damage dealer champ in Tech Class.
  • Guillotine 2099 - A Tech class champ comes with Double Immunity + Regen + Life Steal + Power Burn + Her Crit Hits applies Degeneration Debuff on Opponent so she will get 10% more advantage here as per global Node. + She can reduce opponent Regen Rate on SP2 Attack.
  • Darkhawk - A Tech class champ comes with Double Immunity + Can do shock Damage in Shield Mode while Blocking and In Null Mode with SP1 Attack he can do great shock damage + Regen + Heal Block on SP3 Attack. 
  • Vision - A Tech class champ comes with Power Control + Heal Block + Double Immunity.
  • Doctor Octopus - A Tech class champ comes with Power control + Power Steal + Health Steal abilities.
  • Nebula - A Tech class champ comes with Double Immunity + Power Drain + Regen + Insane Shock Damage on Special.
  • Yondu -  A Tech class champ comes with Heal Block + He can do Good amount of Bleed Damage.
  • Mysterio - A Tech class champ comes with Poison Immunity + He can do great amount of Poison Damage By Landing Heavy attack with one or more chemical gas.+ He can do Heal Block on his 4th Light Attack + He can do Power Drain on SP2 attack + on SP3 Attack His attack rating and Potency of his Poisons are Increased While Frenzy Gas is active. 
👉🏻 Other Great Options for Variant 3:
Aegon, Blade, Hyperion, Captain Marvel Movie, Nick Fury, Namor, Domino, Omega Red, Symbiote Supreme, Black Widow Claire Voyant, Magik, Medusa, VTD.

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🧐 Now lets come to the main subject:
Looking for Variant 3 easy path guide? Then yes guys you are on right website. Here you will get all chapter of variant 3 easy path details, Node Details,Best Champs suggestion and Video Guide. So Don't forget to Bookmark this page

🌏 Global Nodes Variant 3:
  • +400% Attack and Health Boost
  • Apex Manufacture: Sentinel gains Analysis Charges at 2x normal rate, and attacks deal 1% additional damage per charge.
  • Composite Construction: All Tech Champions are Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification
  • Stack Overflow: Additional Tech Champions on the Attacker’s Team increase the duration of Debuffs by 10%
  • Overclocked: All Champion Classes other than Tech suffer a -50% Base Attack Penalty.
MCOC Variant 3 Buff Details

📌 Variant 3 – Chapter 1.1 Guide 

🚩 Lane 3 – Far Right:
🌏 Nodes: Limber, Transducer
➥ She-Hulk ➜ Netflix Daredevil ➜ Thing (Watch some videos before fighting with Thing Bcoz his Unstoppable Buff is Headache) ➜ Green Goblin ➜ Punisher ➜ Killmonger (Make sure you have armor break champ in team to counter Killmonger) ➜ Magneto Marvel Now (White) – Final Boss
💥 Best Attacker For This Path : Domino Trinity Team, Ghost Trinity Team, Sentinel, Stark Spidey With Spiderman MM Synergy.

Imp Note - I'll recommend you to do only Parry + Heavy till ready your special attack (but be aware he is on Limber Node). Also try to bait his SP1 Attack Bcoz if u failed to Evade his SP2 can cost your all health drop Immediately. #K.O #Kabamed

💥 Best Counter Champs For Magneto Marvel Now (White) Boss
Ghost, Domino with Trinity Team Synergy, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Yondu, Stark Spidey With Spiderman MM Synergy.

🌏 Boss Magneto Marvel Now (White) Active Nodes:
  • +300% Health
  • Flux Dispersal: Each time the Defender is struck, they gain a Dispersal Charge which reduces all Damage taken from Hits by 5%. Being struck by a heavy attack removes all Charges.
  • Limber
  • Enhanced Special 2
  • Oscillate
🚀 Video Guide:
Variant 3 (Polar Opposites) 1.1 Transducer Path By Munash

📌 Variant 3 Chapter 1.2 Guide 

🚩 Lane 1 – Far Left:
🌏 Nodes: Enhanced Abilities, Force of Will, Martial Mastery, +100% Health, Enhanced Special 2, Special 2 Bias, +50% Power Gain on Gambit.
 Spider Man Miles Morales ➜ Taskmaster ➜ Hulk Ragnarok ➜ Doctor Octopus ➜ Massacre ➜ Gambit ➜ Magneto(Red) – Final Boss
 💥 Best Attacker For This Path + Boss : Ghost, Nick Fury + Quake/Deadpool X Force, Sentinel, Stark Spidey.

⭐ Imp Note - Don't try to parry Magneto(Red). Due to Block Penetration Node you will die after a couple of parries. So avoid parry and do intercept if it is possible..

🌏 Boss Magneto(Red) Active Nodes:
  • Gauss Warp: Each time the defender is struck they gain a Gauss Charge, increasing Block Penetration by 5%. Charges are removed by Shock Debuffs.
  • Limber
  • Enhanced Special 2
  • Aggression Fury
🚀 Video Guide:
Variant 3 (Polar Opposites) 1.2 Martial Mastery Path By Munash


📌 Variant 3 – Chapter 2.1 Guide 

🚩 Lane 4 – Far Right
🌏 Nodes: Enhanced Fury, Aggression: Fury (Main Path), +100% Health, Untamed Force, Limited Immunity on Sabretooth.
➥ Phoenix ➜ Doctor Voodoo ➜ Abomination(Make sure you have a poison immune champ for Abomination) ➜ Crossbones ➜ Hulk ➜ Sabretooth ➜ Wolverine (Final Boss)
 💥 Best Attacker For This Path + Boss : Ghost, Sentinel, Doctor Octopus, Stark Spidey, Darkhawk, Guillotine 2099 all r MVPs here.

⭐ Imp Note - Untamed Force gives him a 20% chance to go unblockable on his first medium hit.
Wolverine (Boss) becomes an unblockable when he start regenerating. So don't try to parry or block wolverine's attack when the regeneration buff is active on Wolverine.

🌏 Boss Wolverine Active Nodes:
  • +300% Health
  • Berserker Barrage: Whenever the Attacker is not under the effect of a Regeneration buff, the Defender gains a Passive Fury every second, increasing the Defender’s attack by +50%. Passive Fury stacks are removed if the Defender gains a regeneration buff.
  • Vigorous Assault: While the Defender has a Regeneration buff active, they gain +65% attack and all attacks are unblockable.
  • +100% Healing & Recovery
  • Enhanced Abilities
  • Agressive
  • Mighty Charge
🚀 Video Guide:
Variant 3 (Polar Opposites) 2.1 Aggression: Fury Path By Munash


📌 Variant 3 – Chapter 2.2 Guide 

🚩 Lane 1 – Far Left
🌏 Nodes: Enhanced Abilities, Enhanced Bleed, Enhanced Crits, +100% Health, Enhanced Abilities, Enhanced SP2, Stupefy on Domino
➥ Gwenpool ➜ Black Panther (Classic) ➜ Venom The Duck ➜ Guillotine ➜ Domino ➜ Storm (Final Boss)

😅 There is one more easy path i found; so select path where you are most comfortable. (Nodes information is given below)

🚩 Lane 2 – Center Left
🌏 Nodes: Plagued Mind (Main Path), +100% Health, +100% Power Gain, Unblockable Special Attacks (Psylocke)
➥ Red Skull ➜ OG Vision ➜ Hawkeye ➜ Dormammu ➜ Psylocke ➜ Storm (Final Boss)

💥 Best Attacker For This Path + Boss : For above mentioned path go with combination of Tech class champs + Counter Champs. Sentinel is MVP Here For Boss Fight.

⭐ Imp Note - Make sure you have perfect counter champ for Dormammu like Blade or Hulk Ragnarok. All Storms specials are unblockable and cost 50% less power.

🌏 Storm (Final Boss) Active Nodes:
  • +300% Health
  • Typhoon: When the Defender actives a Special Attack, they place a passive Ion Pulse Charge on the Attacker. At 10 charges the Attacker is Power Burned for 100% of their current power. If the Attacker performs a SP3, all charges are removed.
  • Power Efficiency: Defenders Specials cost -50% power
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Unblockable Special Attacks
  • Protective Shielding
🚀 Video Guide:
Variant 3 (Polar Opposites) 2.2 Enhanced Path By Munash


📌 Variant 3 – Chapter 3.1 Guide 

🚩 Lane 1 – Far Left
🌏 Nodes: Hurt Locker (By using same special attack two times in a row can cause the attacker to lose 50% health, to avoid this use heavy immediately with in 5 seconds)
➥ Ghost ➜ Medusa ➜ Nebula ➜ Sentry ➜ Spider Gwen ➜ The Hood ➜ Colossus(Final Boss)

💥 Best Attacker For This Path : For above mentioned path go with combination of Tech class champs + Counter Champs. Sentinel is MVP Here For Boss Fight.

💥 Best Attacker For Boss : For above mentioned path go with combination of Tech class champs + Counter Champs. Sentinel is MVP Here For Boss Fight.

⭐ Imp Note - Bring Bleed Immune Champs for Boss Fight.

🌏 Colossus (Final Boss) Active Nodes:
  • Hit Me, I Dare You: Colossus gains a Chitin Charge when struck. At 10 charges, they are removed and replaced with a 50% Armor Up Buff lasting 30 seconds.
  • Chitinous Thorns: If Colossus has an Armor Up Buff, the attacker is inflicted with a 50% Bleed Debuff every time contact is made.
  • Enhanced Armor Up
  • Enhanced Abilities
🚀 Video Guide:
Variant 3 (Polar Opposites) 3.1 Hurt Locker Path By Munash


📌 Variant 3 – Chapter 3.2 Guide 

🚩 Lane 1 – Far Left
🌏 Nodes: Recharge, Defensive, All-or-Nothing, Power Shield
➥ Night Thrasher ➜ Kingpin ➜ Ghost Rider ➜ Gamora ➜ Human Torch ➜ Proxima Midnight ➜ Captain America Infinity War ➜ Kang (Final Boss)

💥 Best Attacker For This Path : Stark Spidey, Warlock, Vision, Doctor Octopus, Stark Spidey, Magik, Nebula, Hawkeye are MVPs here..

Click here to see Power Control/Power Burn/Power Lock Champs.

💥 Best Attacker for Kang Boss: Sentinel, Guillotine 2099, Nebula, Stark Spidey, Hyperion SP1 Attack, Domino, Warlock SP1 Attack, Sunspot, Gwenpool SP1 Attack, Doctor Doom's SP2 Attack, Star Lord Synergy with Aegon, Mysterio.

⭐ Imp Note - For above path Just hold the block your power will gain automatically and use special attack and Repeat this step...

🌏 Kang (Final Boss) Active Nodes:
  • +300% Health
  • Selective Timestream: Every 20 seconds the Defender’s health returns to full and all Debuffs are removed, and this can not be prevented with Ability Accuracy Reduction. Incinerate and Shock Debuffs prevent this Regeneration.
  • Picture of Health: Defender is immune to Regen Rate Modification.
  • Enhanced Special 1
  • Enhanced Special 2
🚀 Video Guide:
Variant 3 (Polar Opposites) 3.2 Power Shield Path By Munash

Ghost Vs.Kang Boss Takedown-Polar opposites | Variant 3| Marvel Contest of Champions By Jason Voorhees

Variant 3 Kang solo with 4 star Warlock | Marvel Contest of Champions By Jason Voorhees

Starlord Solo Variant 3 Final Boss Kang | Marvel Contest Of Champions By DarkZodiacINC

Hyperion VS Kang - Polar Opposites Variant 3.2 By Giz

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Guillotine 2099 R3 5* Vs Variant 3 Kang - Final Boss Solo! By KT1


📌 MCOC Variant 3 Rewards - 
💥 Image Credit : MCOC Trucos


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