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Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) is a thrilling mobile fighting game that allows players to control their favorite Marvel superheroes and villains in epic battles. One key aspect of the game is dueling, where players go head-to-head against various AI-controlled opponents to hone their skills and earn rewards. In this article, we'll delve into the world of MCOC duel targets, providing you with essential strategies and insights to conquer your foes and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Do we really Need MCoC Duel Target List?

Yes, Before fighting the opponent in the Alliance War, try to do some Duel Fight with that specific champs. So you will get an idea like What to do? And When to do? It means what precautions(Including Strategies + Boost) are needed while fighting with an opponent. Also, we get an idea about the Champions weakness or weak point after Duel with him/her. With this help, we can take advantage of it.

The Significance of Duel Targets

Duel targets serve as practice dummies for players to test their abilities, practice combos, and refine their fighting techniques. They are AI-controlled champions that simulate real player behavior, giving you a chance to experiment without the fear of losing your win streak in Alliance War or Arena matches.

Types of Duel Targets

  • Champion-Specific Targets - These targets are tailored to a specific champion and allow you to practice matchups against a designated opponent. Ideal for mastering specific counters and learning how to exploit weaknesses.
  • Class-Based Targets - These targets represent a class of champions, enabling you to practice fighting against a variety of opponents with similar traits. Valuable for developing a well-rounded approach and understanding class interactions.

Strategies for Duel Success

Research Your Opponent

Before dueling, take a moment to study your opponent's abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This knowledge will help you formulate a winning strategy and make informed decisions during the fight.

Practice Parrying and Evading

Mastering parry and evading techniques is crucial in MCOC battles. Regularly practice these skills against duel targets to enhance your defensive capabilities and minimize damage taken.

Experiment with Combos

Duel targets provide an excellent platform to experiment with different attack combos. Discover effective combinations that maximize damage output while maintaining control over the fight.

Advancing Your Dueling Skills

Hone Your Special Attack Timing
Timely execution of special attacks can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Practice launching specials against duel targets to perfect your timing and ensure maximum impact.

Analyze Fight Replays

After each duel, review the fight replay to identify areas for improvement. Pay attention to moments where you could have dodged, countered, or executed a more effective combo.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) Duel Target Sheet -

Here is a short summary to know about duel targets in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC):
  • Duel targets in MCoC allow you to practice fighting against another player's champions. You can search for players by name or explore suggested targets.
  • When you duel a target, you don't gain or lose any resources. It's purely for practice. The target player does not actively participate in the duel.
  • You can duel a target 3 times per day for free. After that, it costs units to duel targets.
  • Duel targets refresh every 24 hours. So you get 3 free duels against a target, and then have to wait for them to refresh before dueling them again for free.
  • Targets have a base PI (player power index) shown, which lets you choose targets at your desired difficulty level. But their actual PI when you fight them may differ based on synergies and boosts.
  • Good strategies for choosing duel targets include finding high level targets to challenge your skills, targets with new champions you want to learn, and targets that let you test counters for tough defenders.
  • Duelling targets is a great way to improve your skills without any consequences. It lets you practice new champions, try out counters, and sharpen your dexterity.


Dueling in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) is a crucial training ground for mastering combat mechanics and refining your skills. By utilizing champion-specific and class-based duel targets, along with honing your strategies and techniques, you'll become a formidable contender in all game modes.

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