How to use Spider Man - Stark Enhanced (MCOC : Stark Spidey)

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How to use Spider Man - Stark Enhanced (MCOC : Stark Spidey)

📌 Basic Abilities : Evade , Poise , Stun , Lighting Arc

📌 When Attacked : Spider-Man’s burgeoning Spider-Sense grants him a Passive 3% chance to Evade an incoming attack.

📌 Stark Tech AI :
Against Special Attacks the Stark AI warns Spider-Man of incoming danger and increases his Evade chance by a flat +60%.
If Spider-Man is struck by a Cosmic Champion or is struck by a Heavy Attack, the Stark AI shuts down for 10 seconds while it Reboots and is completely inactive during that time.

📌 Smack-Talk :
Each time Spider-Man Evades an attack or uses the Dexterity Mastery, he gains a charge of Poise. Cooldown: 0.8 Seconds.
Each charge of Poise grants 256 Attack rating.
If Spider-Man lands 5 uninterrupted attacks, he converts a Poise charge into a Taunt Debuff on the opponent for 3 seconds. Taunt lasts 50% longer against Villain Champions.
Dodging back and allowing Spider-Man to idle for 1 second allows him to smack-talk his opponent and refresh an active Taunt.
Opponents that are Taunted have their Attack reduced by 40% and have a 70% higher chance to activate a Special Attack.

📌 Heavy Attacks :
An EMP webshot drains 45% of the opponent’s Power Meter. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

📌 Signature Ability – Hero’s Mantra :

Great Power (Above 50% Health) – Spider-Man’s Taunts last 2 seconds longer and each charge of Poise grants him an additional 253 Critical Rating.

Great Responsibility (Below 50% Health) – Spider-Man’s chance to Evade an attack increases by a flat +7% and each charge of Poise grants him 82 additional Block Proficiency.

📌Special Attack :

➥ Special 1: Spider Strike – 50% chance to Stun the opponent for 2 seconds. The chance is increased by 100% if the Stark AI is active.

➥ Special 2: Stick & Shock – Electric webshots have a 70% chance to Shock the opponent, dealing 1154 Energy Damage over 6.5 seconds. These Shock effects are overcharged and deal double damage to Robot Champions.

➥ Special 3: Whatever a Spider Can… – 100% chance to Ensnare the opponent for 18 seconds. Ensnared Champions suffer 30% reduced Ability Accuracy and cannot trigger Passive Evade effects.

📌Recommended Masteries :

➥ Dexterity -
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) gains Poise charges when successfully using Dexterity, granting him additional Attack Rating and enabling him to Taunt the opponent.

➥ Physical Resistance & Block Proficiency -
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) is able to Evade Special Attacks reliably, adding Block Proficiency and Physical Resistance to overall increase his durability will make Spider-Man a hard Champion to defeat.

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