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📌 Basic Abilities : Power Gain, Danger Sense, Bleed

📌 When nearby Bleeding Opponents -
For every stack of Bleed on the opponent, Blade generates 7% of a Bar of Power per second.

📌 Passive -
When against Dimensional Beings, Danger Sense activates and grants Blade 1053.6 Attack Rating while also reducing the opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 40%. This Ability Accuracy reduction ignores Dimensional Beings’ Immunities.
Blade’s immune system attacks alien substances, shrugging off Debuffs up to 95% faster based on current Power.

📌 Well Timed Blocks -
100% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 395.1 Direct Damage over 2 seconds.

📌 Special Attack :

➥ Special 1 : Go for the Head and the Heart – A powerful sword and glaive attack, inflicting deep wounds upon the opponent.
Inflicts Bleed, dealing 1317 Direct Damage over 10 seconds.
➥ Special 2 : Safety’s Off – This fast multi-hit sword art finishes with a blast from Blade’s machine pistol.
This attack receives 2000 additional Critical Rating.
Inflicts Bleed on Critical Hits, dealing 230.48 Direct Damage per stack over 1 second. For each Bleed inflicted, Blade instantly generates 8% of a Bar of Power.
➥ Special 3 : Day Walker’s Wrath – Blade throws both his glaives in an arc and immediately starts to strike his opponent with his sword, allowing for just enough time for his glaives to return and land the finishing blow.
Inflicts 3 stacks of Bleed, each dealing 1843.8 Direct Damage over 13 seconds.
70% chance to Stun for 3 seconds.

📌 Signature Ability : Vampiric Immortality – Blade consumes his own Power to recover from injuries at amazing rates.
When Holding Block while below 70% Health, Blade’s healing factor allows him to recover 722.2 Health for the cost of 50~30% of a Bar of Power per second.

📌 Recommended Masteries :

➥ Deep Wounds -

Blade’s Well Timed Block and Special 2 Attacks can inflict a lot of short duration Bleeds and Deep Wounds will greatly enhance their damage.

➥ Recovery -

Blade’s Signature Ability and Recovery will allow him to regain more Health while still paying the same amount of Power per second.

➥ Courage -

Blade can precisely control the amount of Health he has while below 70% Health, making it easier to stay just below the 50% Health range and benefiting from Courage’s Attack Rating increase.

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How to use Blade - Marvel Contest Of Champions

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