October 2018 Update - Marvel Contest Of Champions

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v20.1 Update is available now...

Read on to learn about this exciting update!

➥ Venom the Duck & The Symbiote Supreme have entered the Contest!
➥ This quest will be starting on the 3rd of October and will run until November 7th.
➥ New SYMBIOTE difficulty (Oct-17)
➥ KLYNTAR KATALYSTS are for rank your Symbiote
➥ STRANDS are for Symbiotic Enhancements

Image Credit : MCOC Trucos

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📌 New Event - Occult Laboratory
📌 Special Event - My Little Symbiote
📌 MCOC October Daily Login Calendar

📌 Bug Fixes and Improvements :
  • Fixed an issue where Champions would get stuck mid-animation, and remain that way
  • Fixed an issue where Mystic Dispersion was not properly being affected by Ability Accuracy Reduction
  • Various performance and stability improvements

📌 Character Improvements :  

➥ Juggernaut :

  • When Unstoppable, if Juggernaut is Stunned, Juggernaut will remove the Stun Debuff and apply his Heavy Attack Stagger debuff to the Opponent.
  • The chance to apply a Stagger from Juggernaut’s Heavy Attack has been increased from 90% to 100%

➥ Carnage :

  • Increased Base Attack, Health, and Block Proficiency. (Note increasing his Base Attack increases the potency of all of his Fury Buffs as well)
  • Increased Bleed length and Damage on Heavy attack Bleed Debuff
  • Increased Bleed length and Damage on his Special 3 attack Bleed Debuff
  • New Ability: Each time Carnage triggers a Bleed Debuff, he has a chance to Refresh the Duration of all other active Bleed Debuffs. If one of his Bleed Debuffs fails due to an Immunity, he places an Armor Break instead
  • New Ability: Carnage gains increased Power Rate when striking the Opponent. The potency of this ability decreases per Mutation Buff he has active
  • Updated Signature Ability: Carnage gains a Power Gain Buff as long as the Opponent is suffering from a Bleed or Armor Break. The amount of Power gained increases when Carnage is close to his Opponent
  • Fixed an issue where a callout for Power Gain would repeatedly display

➥ Venom :

  • Venom now has a continuous Klyntar Mutation Buff that refreshes itself every 9 seconds and lasts 9 seconds. This Buff increases his attack
  • Each time this Mutation Buff activates, Venom gains one of his Genetic Memory Buffs.
  • Maximum number of Genetic Memory Buffs allowed has increased from 5 to 8.
  • Genetic Memory Buffs have all been increased in strength:
  • Resist Physical 11% Damage Reduction. Now 15%
  • Armor Up 7% Damage Reduction. Now 10%
  • Critical Damage 53%. Now 70%
  • Critical Chance 19%. Now 20%
  • Fury 11% Attack. Now 15%.
  • The Klyntar Mutation Buff provides additional bonuses to Venom if the opponent is a Hero Champion, a Tech Champion or a Spider-Verse Champion
  • Heavy Attacks now cause Armor Break and randomize the most recent Genetic Memory Buff that Venom has gained
  • 80% chance to inflict Bleed on Critical Hits
  • Potency of Bleed increased from 45% of attack rating to 75% of attack rating
  • While the opponent is below 18% health, Venom’s attacks gain True Strike and his Special Attacks become Unblockable
  • Special 1: Each strike has a 55% chance to steal an opponent Buff, healing Venom for a small amount and causing him to gain a Genetic Memory Buff
  • Special 2: All Genetic Memory Buffs are converted into Fury Buffs
  • Special 3: Gains increased damage for each Buff on Venom
  • Signature: Now allows Venom to start the fight with 2 Genetic Memory Buffs, as well as a chance to begin with a third. Signature also increases the Potency of all Genetic Memory Buffs
  • Synergies: More Champions added to each synergy
  • New Unique Synergy with Vulture and Green Goblin – Arachnid Hunters: Venom gains +1 Max Genetic Memory Buff Cap, Vulture gains +2000 Armor vs. Special Attacks while an Armor Up Buff is active, Green Goblin gains +1% Attack for each Cunning and Madness charge

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  1. How do you think about venom?will it in tier 1,2

    1. Firstmc thnx for d comment :)

      You can consider #Venom demi-god tier champ now..


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