MCOC Easiest Paths to Become Uncollected | Act 5.1, Act 5.2

MCOC Easiest Paths to Become Uncollected | Act 5.1, Act 5.2

Marvel Contest of Champions Uncollected Guide 
(Easiest Paths & Uncollected Benefits)

Are you still under the control of The Collector? Become Uncollected! 

mcoc act 5.1 and act 5.2 energy cost (mcoc uncollected guide)

Imp Tips to Become Uncollected or to Achieve Uncollected Title:
  1. Before Entering to the Act 5; Make sure you completed ROL (Realm of Legends) Special Quest. Because if you can Handle ROL Path easily it means you can easily clear Act 5.1 and Act 5.2 too.
  2. Collect enough Health Potions By playing ROL Special Quest. 
  3. Collect enough Units By doing some Arena Fights. Purpose to collect units is to Buy Revive. (Act 5.2.4 and Act 5.2.6 Collector Boss Fight is little Bit Hard So Revive will definitely help you here) 
  4. Use some Boost Specially when you are Fighting with Main Boss. (Attack & Health Boost, Power Boost).
  5. Trust me friends with the help of Following MVP Champs + Enough Energy Refills + Enough Units Backup you can achieve Uncollected Title within 1 week.

Best Champs Options For Act 5.1 and Act 5.2:  

1) With the help of following champs you can easily become Uncollected or Easily Collect Uncollected Title. Make sure these champs should be either 4 Star Rank 5 or 5 Star Rank 3.

2) Basically we entered to the quest with 5 champs so your team combination should be like - 2 Hard Hitter Champs + 1 Regen Champ + 1 Power Control Champ + 1 Immune Champ.
  • Best Hard Hitter Champs - Corvus Glaive, Stark Spidey, Star Lord(Duped), Hyperion(Duped),Angela, Ghost, Blade Synergy with Ghost Rider, Captain America infinity war, Classic Thor(Duped), Captain Marvel (Movie), Scarlet Witch(Duped), Hulk(Duped), Hulk Ragnarok, Gwenpool, Medusa, Domino with Rulk Synergy.
  • Best Power Control Champs - Magik, Vision, Hawkeye, Rogue, Warlock, Stark Spidey, Spider Gwen, Gwenpool, Dormammu, Dr. Voodoo(Duped).
  • Best Regeneration Champs - Wolverine(Duped), X23, Rogue, Ghost Rider, Dr. Voodoo(Duped), Blade(Duped), Ultron, Omega Red.
  • Best Double Immune Champs - Omega Red, Warlock, Sentinel, Ultron, Nebula, Vision(Both), Darkhawk, Iceman.

📌 These are the easiest single paths for each part of act 5 chapter 1.
  • ACT 5.1.1 : War Machine ➜ Electra ➜  Winter Soldier ➜ Quake ➜ Unst.Colossus ➜ Gamora ➜ Black Bolt ➜ Cyclopse ➜ Gwenpool ➜ Yello Jacket ➜ HulkBuster ➜ Falcon ➜ Kang (Boss) 
  • ACT 5.1.2 : Gwenpool ➜ Guilotine ➜ Cap. America ➜ Warmachine ➜ Gambit ➜ Duck ➜ MoonKnight (Boss) 
  • ACT 5.1.3 : SpiderGween ➜ Vision ➜ Logan ➜ AntMan ➜ Juggernaut ➜ Wolverine ➜ Hulk ➜ Deadpool ➜ Iron Fist ➜ Iron Patriot (Boss) 
  • ACT 5.1.4 : Hawkeye ➜ Daredevil Netflix ➜ 3rd Portal Path B ➜ Thor ➜ Black Bolt ➜ Storm ➜ Quake ➜ Black Widow ➜ Beast ➜ Moon Knight ➜ Iron Patriot ➜ Venom (Boss)
  • ACT 5.1.5 : Ms.Marvel ➜ Colossus ➜ Guilotine ➜ Ronan ➜ Duck ➜ Karnak ➜ Dr.Voodoo ➜ Star Lord ➜ Electro (Boss)
  • ACT 5.1.6 : Iron Man ➜ Quake ➜ Daredevil ➜ Dr.Strange ➜ Gwenpool ➜ Mordo ➜ Magneto ➜ Groot ➜ Cable ➜ Archaengel (Boss)

Gain the Grandmaster’s Favor by defeating The Collector at the end of Act 5 Chapter 2!

📌 These are the easiest single paths for each part of act 5 chapter 2.
  • ACT 5.2.1 : Black Panther ➜ Loki ➜ Storm ➜ Path A ➜ Path c ➜ Wolverine ➜ Iron Man ➜ Psylocke (Boss)  [Power Shield Global Node - Basic attacks do no damage but specials do 400% more damage. Tip: Heavy Damage over time debuff champs, and champs with hard hitting specials are MVP Here. Some MVP Champs - Domino, Stark Spidey, Corvus Glaive, Cap. America IW, Havok, Void, Ghost, Hyperion, Star Lord, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye]
  • Act 5.2.2 : Path C ➜ Karnak ➜ Juggernaut ➜ Rhino ➜ Path B ➜ Iceman ➜ Electro ➜ The Hood (Boss) [Power Shield Global Node - Same tips which i mentioned Above for Act 5.2.1]
  • Act 5.2.3 : Phoenix ➜ Storm ➜ Quake ➜ Path A ➜ Unst.Colossus ➜ Spider Gwen ➜ Joe Fixit (Boss)  [Buffet Global Node - Every 7 seconds if you activate a buff, it is removed and Opponent/Defender Regen 5% Health.  MVP Champs - Archangel, Vision, Dr. Voodoo, Dr. Octopus, Void, Warlock]
  • Act 5.2.4 : Yellow Jacket ➜ Deadpool ➜ Colossus ➜ Punisher ➜ Iron Patriot ➜ Path A ➜ Iron Man ➜ Deadpool (x-force) ➜ war machine ➜ Hulk ➜ Loki ➜ Storm (Boss) [Masochism Global Node - Every 7 seconds when you activate a debuff, it is removed and Opponent/Defender Regen 5% Health. MVP Champs - Archangel, Vision, Dr. Voodoo, Dr. Octopus, Void, Warlock]
  • Act 5.2.5 : Moon Knight ➜ Path B ➜ Psylocke ➜ Civil Warrior ➜ Iron Fist ➜ Archaengel ➜ Cap.America ➜ Black Panther ➜ Ronan ➜ Thor ➜ King Groot ➜ Path A ➜ The Hood ➜ Daredevil (Boss) [Bane Global Node - Whoever lands the first hit places degen on the other opponent lasting for 10 Seconds longer. When it expires or the other person is hit, the degen is transferred. Keep in mind Bane is all about timing.]
  • Act 5.2.6 : Kang ➜ Path D ➜ Iron Patriot ➜ Superior Iron Man ➜ Deadpool ➜ Deadpool (x-force) ➜ Punisher ➜ Hulk ➜ Iceman ➜ Scarlet Witch ➜ The Collector (Boss) [Bane Global Node - Same tips which I mentioned Above for Act 5.2.5]

 Tips for Transfer Bane Effect (Degeneration Node) - 
  1. Keep an eye on the timer icon, make sure you start combo just before it expires on the opponent to transfer bane back.
  2. Be ready with 3rd special attack or Store your 3rd special attack. If bane effect applied on you, use your 3rd special attack to transfer bane back.

 Tips For The Collector Boss Fight - 
  1. Make sure you have enough Health Potions (Do some ROL Fights for Health Potions), Revive and Units Backup Before fight against The Collector.
  2. He also has tenacity, so make sure your parries work before you attack to The Collector Boss.

💥 Best Champs Against The Collector Boss:
  • Spider Gwen - (She can easily evade The collector's Special Attack when Collector's Health is below 55%, Stop his Regen By Hitting SP2 Attack And stop his Unstoppable by Hitting Heavy).
  • Stark Spiderman - (Hard Hitter + He will help you to evade The collector's Special Attack when Collector's Health is below 55%).
  • Daredevil (Classic) - Must be duped so He can easily evade The collector's Special Attack when Collector's Health is below 55%.
  • Mister Sinister - Can Block The collector's Unlockable Special Attack.
  • Ghost Trinity Team
  • Domino Trinity Team
  • Nightcrawler -  He will help you to evade The collector's Special Attack.
  • OG Thor - Hard Hitter + Stun Lock Chain on Special Attack.
  • OG Hulk with Thor Ragnarok and Heimdall Synergy (OG Hulk can Repeat Stun Chain by spamming SP1 Attack + On low Health he hits like a Tank).
  • Hulk Ragnarok (Heal Block + Power Control Champ).
  • Vision (Heal Block + Power Control Champ).
  • Magik (Power Control Champ).
  • Scarlet Witch - Must be Duped & High Sig Level (Power Control Champ).
  • Cap America IW (Great Block Proficiency + Ability to Stop Unstoppable).
  • Luke Cage - Must be Duped (Indestructible Buff helps him alot).
  • Hyperion (Hard Hitter + Stun on SP2).
  • Corvus Glaive (Hard Hitter).
  • Captain Marvel Movie (Hard Hitter + Stun on SP2).

💥 The Collector Abilities : 

MCOC Act 5.2.6 Collector Abilities
Screenshot Credit : chugglesr

📌 Video Guide :

Easiest Paths to Become Uncollected - ACT 5.2 Walkthrough By MCOC Trucos


📌 Uncollected Title Benefits 😍
  • Uncollected Title
  • Uncollected Arena Crystal
  • Grandmaster Crystal
  • Uncollected 14-Day Calendar
  • Uncollected Daily Crystal
  • Uncollected Free Crystal

💥 Uncollected Title :

MCOC Uncollected Title

💥 Uncollected Arena CrystalThe Uncollected Arena Crystal will be available in addition to the already available Arena Crystal. The difference? Instead of costing 2000 Battlechips per Crystal, it will cost 10 000 Battlechips per crystal. The Contents of the Crystal have also been raised 5x times! So you are able to score 5 times as much gold, 5 times as many units, 5 Full Energy Refills, and 5 times as many points for Summoner Advancement. What’s the major difference? The 3-Star Punisher that is acquirable in the regular Arena Crystal has been removed, the 4-Star Punisher will be as common as the 3-Star originally was, and a new 5-Star Punisher will be available in the Uncollected Arena Crystal!

MCOC Uncollected Arena Crystal

💥 Here are the items that can be found in the Uncollected Free Crystal:
  • Golden Crystal
  • Level 2 Health Potion
  • Level 3 Health Potion
  • Small Energy Refill x2
  • Small Energy Refill x3
  • Level 1 Revive
  • Level 2 Revive

💥 Uncollected 14-Day Calendar : This Calendar will grant daily shards towards obtaining a brand new crystal at the end of the 14 day calendar. This crystal will more better match their needs and where they are in the game. And that crystal is The "Grandmaster Crystal".

💥 Here are the items that can be found in the Grandmaster Crystal :
  • Contain 3-Star champions with a rare chance at 4-Star and 5-Star champions
  • Cost 200 units
  • Be obtained via the new 14 Day Calendar for Uncollected Summoners.
  • Instead of obtaining a Premium Hero Crystal every 7 days, you’ll now be obtaining a Grandmaster Crystal via shards every 14 days!

💥 Here are the items that can be found in the Uncollected Daily Crystal :
  • Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments (Either 750 or 1,500 fragments)
  • Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragments (Either 750 or 1,500 fragments)
Rare chance of -
  • Units (Either 15 or 30)
  • Base 4-Star Hero (The ones you can get from a 4-Star Hero Crystal)
  • Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments (Either 1800 or 3600 fragments)
MCOC Uncollected Daily Crystal


  1. Hey mate, great work here - Im trying to print this out. Is there any option to print a post in your blog which im overlooking?

  2. It seems your easy path guide for Act 5.1.4 is not correct (unless I did something wrong). After taking Path B at Portal 3 , I got Thor and there several more champs to face before the next portal. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hey buddy thanks for the comment. Today i played 5.1.4 again XD and yes i found data is mismatch. Now all data is updated.

      Once again thanks.

  3. I'm a fairly advanced f2p player, 290,000 base hero rating but I'm not uncollected yet. I have few units right now but I wanna push for a 5* Skill Awakening Gem through the Epic monthly quest. My roster consists of 4*Warlock, 4*Sunspot, 4*DoctorVoodoo, 4*Hyperion, and 5*Domino. Warlock, Sunspot, Doc and Hype are maxed and Domino is rank 4. Will I be able to clear the Collector? I'm currently on 5.2.5 thanks.

    1. Hey Hello Buddy welcome to MCOC GUIDE BLOG 😀

      Act 5.2.5 is little bit hard. But before fighting read what i mentioned for act 5.2.5 node in this article also i suggested best champs for The Collector Boss. even Video guide is also available here

      As per your statement, you will definitely get some help from Warlock n Hyperion champs.
      Good luck for Uncollected Title Buddy my good wishes are with you 👍🏻

  4. Thanks to the creator of this blog!! Today I became Uncollected. I used a Domino 5/50, Corvus 5/50, Doom 5/50, nick Fury unduped 3/45 and guille 2099 3/45. This guide was very useful!!

  5. Excellent work my friend, I became Uncollected today thanks to your guide!! Thank you :)

    1. Congratulations Henry Bro 🥳🎉

      And Good luck for Cavalier Title too 👍🏻😀

      I hope following link will definitely help you to do progress in story quest Act 5 | Act 6 First Run Guide

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  6. Thank you for this guide! It really helped both me and my wife become Uncollected.

  7. I just became Uncollected,thanks for your guide bro

  8. I've become uncollected last week by just using capt America(IW) 5/50 solo, just revive him again and again to tackle collector lmao


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