Realm of Legends (ROL) Guide - Marvel Contest Of Champions

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Realm of Legends (ROL) Tips

Here are some basic tips for you to beat the Realm of Legends in Marvel Contest of Champions :
  • Good Champ Roster Selection like 4 Star Maxed or 5 Star Rank 3+ Champs. (Make sure you have counter champ for Wolverine also make sure you have Poison Immune Champ for Scarlet Witch)
  • You need units , revives and health potions. For beginners (below 49 level) it will require some team revives as well as potions & 1000 units backup and 50+ level players some single revive as well as potions & few units backup is enough.
  • Activate or Use Health & Attack Booster Before Fight.
  • Each fight should take from 5 to 15 minutes depending on your damage dealer champs and your skills. So it's completely doable in a day (or a few if you need breaks). So here basically you need champs combination like Hard Hitter + Regen + Poison Immune + Wolverine Counter.

Imp Note : Don't worry about 3rd special attack of all boss. (Their 3rd special attack is lock) So you need to block or evade properly their special attack 1 & special attack 2. 

Best Champ Options for completing the ROL :
Best Champ Against ROL Boss By CaptainRaghu
Best Champ Options Against ROL Boss
(Champ Must Be 4 Star Maxed OR 5 Star Rank 3 and Above)
Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, Rhino, Storm, Vision, Black Panther, Black Bolt, Hulk
Stark Spidey, Star Lord (Duped), Ghost, Hyperion, Medusa, Domino, Proxima Midnight (Duped), X23, Wolverine (Duped), Sabretooth, Gwenpool. Human Torch, Sunspot,
Scarlet Witch Counter Champs (Poison Immune)
Warlock, Red Hulk, Hulk, Hulk Ragnarok, Hyperion, Vision, Iceman, Nebula, Medusa (Any Poison Immune Champ)
Wolverine Counter Champs
Punisher 2099 (Auto Heal Block), Warlock, Captain America IW - Must be Duped(Keep Tech Class Champ in Team), Archangel - Must be Duped (Spam Heavy Attack + Special Attack), Void - Must be Duped (Spam SP1), Human Torch -  Keep either Thing or Invisible Woman or Mr. Fantastic in Team(Spam SP1), Guillotine (Spam SP2), Guillotine 2099 (Spam SP2) , She Hulk (Spam SP2), Yondu (Spam SP1), Gwenpool - Must be Duped (Effective after 50+ Combo Hits), Star Lord – Duped (Effective after 400+ Combo Hits)

ROL Fight Sequence :
  1. Winter Soldier : Easy Fight. (If you are not expert in evading special then don't try to evade his 2nd special attack)
  2. Captain Marvel : Easy Fight. Her both SP1 & SP2 Attacks are easy to evade.
  3. Juggernaut : Hard Fight. Don’t let him corner you. If you do get pushed into your corner, use sp3 special and you will reset to the middle. You need to use caution when he goes Unstoppable. Stand Your Ground Mastery helps 50% to 60% in this fight. (2 Points are enough for Stand Your Ground Mastery)
  4. Rhino : Average Fight. His both SP1 & SP2 Attacks are easy to evade. Rhino becomes Unstoppable/Unblockable  when Dashing towards the enemy. This chance decreases the bigger the opponent is.
  5. Storm : Easy Fight. (If you are not expert in evading special then don't try to evade her SP1 and SP2 attack. If you failed to do evade on her special then Stun Debuff will applied on you & you will die without doing anything) 
  6. Vision : Easy fight. (If you are not expert in evading special then don't try to evade his 1st special attack) 
  7. Black Panther : Easy Fight. But don’t get hit or you will bleed out.
  8. Scarlet Witch : Average Fight (If you are not expert in evading special then don't try to evade her SP1 and SP2 attack) 
  9. Wolverine : Hard Fight. Before fight watch out some videos on YouTube (Best Champ Option Guillotine with at least 3 points in mystic dispersion - Utility Mastery) 
  10. Black BoltEasy Fight. (If you are not expert in evade then don't try to evade his SP1 and SP2 attack) 
  11. Hulk : Easy Fight. (keep in mind his sp2 is strong as compare to sp1. and stun is activate immediately after he hit you successful special attack)

Reward :

Mastery Setup for ROL :
  • Recovery (Defense) Mastery will help ➜  Duped/unDuped X23 , Duped Wolverine or Rogue in Regeneration. (Basically Recovery Mastery Setup is Big Boost For Regeneration Abilities Champs)
  • Block Proficiency (Defense) Mastery will help ➜ To reduce damage while blocking for all your champ.
  • Stand Your Ground (Defense) Mastery  ➜ This mastery will save you from heavy attack specially while fighting with Juggernaut. 2 Points are enough here..
  • Parry & Stupefy (Utility) Mastery ➜ Parry mastery will reduce timing block damage if contact is made + stun & Stupefy mastery will help you in additional stun duration.
  • Mystic Dispersion (Utility) Mastery ➜ Power Gain Mastery for Mystic Champ. so this mastery setup will help Guillotine to reach 2nd special attack quickly. I mentioned this mastery bcoz i'm considering Guillotine (Mystic Class) is still best option for Wolverine and Mystic Dispersion will help her to throwing Her SP2 Attack quickly.

49 Points Mastery setup for ROL :

Offensive : 18 points | Defensive : 16 points | Utility : 15 points

59 Points Mastery setup for ROL :

Offensive : 28 points | Defensive : 16 points | Utility : 15 points

Video Guide :

Guillotine vs ROL Wolverine Full Fight

Human Torch vs Void! Better Heal Reverser?! ROL Wolverine By Lagacy

ROL Hulk (Final Boss , Rewards and Mastery Setup)

IMP.Note : Don't use any 3rd party app/Mod to complete fight. Result = Permanent BAN.
So Play Fair & Enjoy Game.

Good Luck for ROL Guys...

Those who are completed ROL please share your experience in comment section that will really help to Beginners who wanted to complete ROL.


  1. I think you should add Captain America Infinity War to the list of options for ROL. Before yesterday I had never gotten past Captain Marvel. The yesterday I used my CAIW and was able to beat ROL without using any units or revives. I used about 20 level 2 potions and maybe 10 level 1 potions. He takes almost 0 block damage and even though some fights are long he makes it possible to do for just about anyone. The only fight I didn't use him on was wolverine. My CAIW is a 5* rank 3 unduped

  2. Rogue is also good for ROL, bcuz she got sp1 life steal which is you dont need to spend much potion for her as long as u use sp1 to regen healt back to full. (Recommended 4star rogue maxed or if duped 4/40 or higher star with high level) but one thing, really needs some high good skills against wolverine against. Wolv is the main thing. One thing to beginners, Guillotine is not a good choice either(if u r new guillotine user) to fight wolv if you are sucks with her skills and abilities.

  3. I did that wolverine fight with my Dr.Voodoo initially I thought it's not possible but i keep on building that loa after 20 stacks I used my sp1 and then he melted away

  4. I've been playing for almost 4 yrs, never got around to the old content. Just recently finished RTTL and ROL seems impossible. They keep buffing old champs making it harder. This blog is exactly what I've been looking for, thanks!!!


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