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About Angela :

Leader of the Hunt, Guardian of the Galaxy, Queen of Hel, Angel, Goddess. Angela is a woman of many titles. Born Aldrif Odinsdottir, the first child of Freyja and Odin, but raised as Angela by Loriel, handmaiden to the Queen of Angels, she has battled her way across the Galaxy. Now Angela has come to the Contest, perhaps the greatest challenge of martial skill and strength to be found in the Nine Realms, and beyond.

Basic Abilities : Fury, Armor Up, Precision, Regeneration

Signature Ability 
  • Battle Focus : As Angela enters combat she gains greater and greater focus, allowing each Buff active on her to reduce all Nullify abilities chance to trigger against her by 25%.

Synergy Bonuses :
  • Rocket Raccoon or Star-Lord – Friends – (All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating)
  • Gamora or Groot – Friends – (All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating)
  • Thor – Family – (All Champions gain +6% Health)
  • Loki – Family – (All Champions gain +6% Health)

Recommended Masteries :
  • Recovery : Angela’s Resilience ability allows her to Regenerate a portion of the damage she’s taken this fight. Recovery enhances this Regeneration keeping her in the fight longer.
  • Enhanced Fury : Angela can stack several Furies at the same time, and then increase their effectiveness even further with her Aptitude buffs. Doing so will raise her damage output immensely!
  • Cruelty : Angela has the ability to stack several Precision Buffs. This greatly increases her Critical Hit rate, which makes the return for increasing her Critical Damage Rating very high.

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For More Details Visit MCOC Official Page :

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How to use Angela - Marvel Contest Of Champions

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