ClanHQ : New Gaming Chat App [CHQ] For MCOC

  • CHQ App for Contest Of Champions players, ClanHQ is a chat application built to help your alliance dominate the competition.
  • Use the ClanHQ app to chat with your alliance mates, find pre-screened new members, coordinate a war strategy, or optimize your roster of champions. Our team has partnered with various influencers and community members to create this fully functional chat app with game-specific tools integrated directly into the app’s core experience. 

Official Webpage Link :

Features :
  • Create custom player profiles with real game data for all of your accounts 
  • Automatically calculate champion and user-level prestige as you add champions to your player profile (MCOC Only).
  • Alliance leaders - invite, manage, and track your alliance members from the Alliance profile screen. See how often users login, what messages they read and more.
  • Looking for new Members? Cut down on the spam and view only the top recruits by filtering out players that don’t meet your requirements .
  • Looking for a new Alliance? Post an LFG Ad or browse alliances looking for new members. 
  • Dominate your next Alliance Quest! Assign lanes and keep track of every battlegroup’s AQ progress with the CHQ AQ Manager (MCOC Only).
  • Experience all of these features and all future updates for FREE!

Diversity Tool and other ClanHQ features coming soon!

Official Webpage Link

Download ClanHQ to take your alliance to the next level with chat that takes the game as seriously as you do!

Video Guide :

CHQ: MCOC Chat App Initial Walkthrough


  1. signup already :)
    Now waiting for this app..

  2. How do we unblock a user after blocking them?

    1. Right now unblock feature is not available. CHQ Team will add this feature soon..
      Blocking only means you can't pm or direct chat with them but you can still be in an alliance or group chat with them..

  3. Alas one of my alliance mates cannot use the app on his iPhone 5

  4. Why, when I enter my champ rating, does it not show true rating when you’re looking at profile? Ex. Magik 5* 4/55 undup is 7045. Looking at profile it changes it to 5050

    1. Hello William 😀
      7045 is the base hero rating shown in game, while 5050 is the Prestige (hero rating without masteries)

  5. The app is completely not working. Is it still in beta??? I hope there's another developer who will look into this kind of app. It will be awesone.

    1. Hello sir thnx for d comment :)

      what kind of issue you are facing right now ?

      if u want to know more details about CHQ app then pls visit :

      you can directly contact support team via email id :


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