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Rank Up Cost Chart
Marvel Contest of Champions

As you can see, Now you have all the information about Best MCOC Champs And an Idea about Best Defender & Attacker Champions to Rank up. 

Now let's move to the next point, i.e., How much resources/cost do we need to Rank up & Level up Champion.?

 MCOC Rank Up cost | Rank Up Requirements : 

Champions Rank Up Cost (Catalyst | Gold | ISO) - Are you Looking for MCOC Rank Up Cost? or level Up Cost Chart? Then you are on the right webpage. 

Here you will get information about how many Catalyst | Gold | ISO you will need to upgrade your Champions in MCOC.

 Best source to get (Catalyst | Gold | ISO) -
  • To get a Tier 4, 5 Class/Basic Catalyst and, Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst, it takes a lot of hard work bcoz they don't get easily available in the Game. To get these all, either you need Big Alliance for Big Rewards or Complete such content where it is available, or You need to buy them from the store when they available. 
  • Primary sources of Gold's are Battle Chips, and for this, you have to play Arena; Another source of Gold is Gold Crystals.
  • While the Main sources of ISO's are champs crystals, you will receive a massive amounts of ISO once your champs gets duped.
So before Rank Up and Level Up any champs think twice and use these Rank up resources on best champions in mcoc.

So I hope Rank Up and Level Up related all your queries is now solved here.

Important TipISO Value will increase If you use the same class of ISO on the same class of Champion. This process will save your ISO as well as Gold.

MCOC Rank Up Cost Chart
Image Credit - MCOC Trucos.


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