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Marvel Contest of Champions 8th Year Anniversary Celebration 2022

First of all Thank you KABAM for making this awesome mobile based game. 😍

Imp Note - Spending money on units it depends on you as it's your money after all.

🤩 Starting 7th December 2022, 10:00 AM PST until 11th January 2023, 10:00 AM PST we're celebrating our 8th anniversary and tossing some scrap around! Here's some of the Events coming up:


Starting December 7, 10:00 AM PST . you’ll be able to enter ROCKETS SCRAPYARD for Galactic battles to collect ROCKETS SCRAP. Take your collection of Scrap as an entry fee to ROCKETS WORKSHOP and then browse the aisles to select any reward to your liking. There is no entry limit! So long as you've got Scrap for Rocket you've got yourself a VIP pass to enter one of Rocket's Workshop Side-Guests [which has been tailored to your Story progression).
  • Week 1 - December 7, 10:00 AM PST
  • Week 2 - December 14, 10:00 AM PST
  • Week 3 - December 21, 10:00 AM PST
  • Week 4 - December 28, 10:00 AM PST


Starting December 10, 10:00AM PST . Summoners will be receiving a Title that will reflect their current Story Progression and time spent in The Contest! All Summoners will also get a special Eighth Anniversary Profile Pic.

MCOC Anniversary Titles and PFP 2022
Image Credit - KABAM/MCOC Forum


Two additional Calendars will be active this month. A one-week Anniversary Calendar. available from December 10, 4:00 PM PST to December 17, 4:00 PM PST, will have rewands specifically suited to your Story Progression!

MCOC Anniversary Login Calendars 2022
Image Credit - KABAM/MCOC Forum

An additional two-week Holiday Celebration Calendar will be active from December 21, 4:00 PM PST to January 4, 4:00 PM PST to continue the celebrations! Be sure to check in to The Battlerealm every day to gain valuable items to assist you in The Contest!

MCOC 14 Days Login Calendar 2022
Image Credit - KABAM/MCOC Forum


Buying the perfect gift can be hard so be sure to log in between December 24, 10:00AM PST to December 30, 10:00 AM PST as we’ll be giving you a Gift Card to a special holiday store so you can claim your present!


From December 10, 10:00 AM PST to December 17, 10:00 AM PST. Summoners can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Anniversary gift (It’s a gift, so it’s a surprise...)
  • Choice Champion Giveaway - Quicksilver (Here’s a free 4-Star Quicksilver.)
  • A special 4-Star Crystal Shard Arena will be available for Summoners who are level 5 and above!
  • A special 5-Star Clystal Shard Arena will be available for Summoners who are Proven [Completed Act 3] and above!
  • Halls of Fortune, Healing, and Glory will be opening to help you stock up on resources!
  • The DETHRDNED SOLO EVENT for our Cavalier and higher Summoners! This Event will feature rewards which used to be earned in the 6-Star Crystal Shard Arena.
  1. By Using 1 star Champion in Arenas you will get 2000 Points
  2. By Using 2 star Champion in Arenas you will get 500 Points

MCOC Dethroned - Arena Solo Event 2022
Image Credit - KABAM/MCOC Forum


Available from December 20, 10:00 AM PST to January 3, 10:00 AM PST. those who are Level 40+, have become a Conqueror (by completing Act 4), and have created their accounts prior to November 20th, 2021 can participate in this limited time BANQUET EVENT!

Purchase Banquet Crystals and send resources to complete Alliance and Solo Milestones and earn Rank Rewards to get big rewards!

Celebrate the end of the year with your Alliance with the ACCOLADES EVENT! Nominate your Alliance members amongst categories such as: ‘Best Alliance Warrior' or 'Strongest Defense’. Earn enough votes to earn User Titles and Profile pics! Sending votes to your Alliance members will help complete the Accolades Solo Event for an assortment of rewards!

😍 Get ready to enjoy the celebration of our Eighth Anniversary!

MCOC 8th Year Anniversary 2022 Event Short Summary


Event Name


Anniversary Pic and Title

10th December

One Week Anniversary Calendar

10th December to 17th December

Halls of Fortune (Gold/Healing)

10th December to 17th December

Trade-in Store

10th December to 17th December

Special 4 Star and 5 Star Crystal Shard Arena

10th December to 17th December

Deathroned Solo Event

10th December to 17th December

Holiday Banquet & Accolades Event

20th December to 3rd January

Two Week Holiday Celebration Calendar

21st December to 4th January

Holiday Gift Card

24th December to 30th December

Spending Deals

25th December



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