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MCOC Falcon - Image Credit Kabam and MCOC Team
Image Credit - KABAM | MCOC Team

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Looking for a Guide to use FALCON in Marvel Contest of Champions? Then yes you are on right webpage.. Here you will get basic idea about FALCON Ability | Signature Ability And How to use Falcon effectively in-game.

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📌 Before using FALCON let's see his ability:
  1. Champion Class: Skill
  2. Basic Abilities: Recon, Bleed, Incinerate
  3. Signature Ability - Exo-8: Redwing’s Lock On lasts 2 seconds longer and provides an additional 1180.86 Critical Rating.

Imp Note: So Yes, With maxed sig lvl he can hit Hard or Can do Huge Crit Damage. 

⭐ Special Attack Details:
If Redwing is Locked On, Falcon’s Special Attacks gain additional Zeroed In (During Lock On Charge) effects.

Special Attack 1: 100% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 2546.25 Direct Damage over 3.50 seconds. 
Zeroed In (During Lock On Charge effect): 100% chance to inflict an additional Bleed.

Special Attack 2:  Opponent’s Physical Resistance is reduced by 100% during this attack.
Zeroed In (During Lock On Charge effect): +816.67 Critical Damage Rating during the attack. Additionally the Second hit of this Attack gains 100% Critical Chance.

Special Attack 3: 100% chance to inflict an Incinerate Debuff, dealing 3880 Energy Damage over 10 seconds. Incinerate also removes Perfect Block Chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50%.
Zeroed In (During Lock On Charge effect): 100% chance to inflict a 25 second Vulnerability Debuff. Attack a Vulnerable opponent grants +816.67 Critical Damage Rating and reduces Block Proficiency by 50%.

🔥 Tips to use Falcon:  

To Begin a Recon Scan, dash back (Swipe Back Champ) and hold Block for 1.20 seconds. Once Recon Scan is finished the opponent gains a "Lock On charge" for 14 seconds. While "Lock On" is active, Falcon’s attacks Passively reduce the opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy by 100%.


MCOC Falcon Recon Scan

MCOC Falcon Lock On Charge

MCOC Falcon Lock On Charge with Cruelty Buff

💥 Falcon is now more effective against following Champs | Nodes:
  1. During "Lock On Charge" Falcon Can stop all spider-verse champs evade abilities.
  2. During "Lock On Charge" Falcon Can stop evade abilities of following champs: Black Widow (OG), Black Widow (DO), Elsa Bloodstone, Mr. Fantastic, Moon Knight, Nightcrawler, Quake, Tigra, Ultron(Both), Daredevil (OG), Hit Monkey, Ronin, Wasp, Mordo.
  3. During "Lock On Charge" Falcon Can stop Auto-Block abilities of following champs: Thor Ragnarok, Darkhawk, Guardian, Heimdall, Iron Man (IW), MODOK, Medusa, Nova.
  4. Prevents Regen of following champs: Guillotine 2099, Green Goblin, Cable, Wolverine, X23, Sasquatch, Hulk Ragnarok, Pheonix, Hulk (Imortal), Deadpool(OG), Iron Man(OG), Iron Man (Superior), Iron Patriot, Duck.
  5. Prevents Thunder Quack of Duck, Digiclock of Guillotine 2099, Power Gaing & Degen of Cable, Rock Stack of THING, Bleed from Morningstar,  Powergain of Deadpool (X-Force), Fury of Hulk Ragnarok, Black Bolt & Aegon, No poison from Abomination, No damage back from Electro, Cheat death of Punisher, Gwenpool & Hela, No Reverb of Killmonger, No Thorn damage of Korg, Limbo Damage of Magik, Indestructible of Luke Cage, Tactical Charge of Nick Fury, Binary Charge of Captain Marvel (Movie), Bypass special attack Weakness of Mr. Fantastic, Reflective armour of Black Panther (CW).
  6. Node Counter: Defense Tactics (Protect)3, Mix Master, Biohazard, Unblockable Finale,Flux dispersal, Mesmerize, Psychic Thorns, Hazard Shift, Tunnel Vision, Spiked Armour.
MCOC Falcon Buff Abilities (All about mcoc falcon)
Image Credit: Gkelly26 & INKMCOC

Video Guide: How to use Falcon more Effectively -

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