MCOC Alliance Quest Season 8 Update | Maps | Rewards

MCOC AQ Season 8 Bosses
Image Credit: KABAM | MCOC Team

⭐ Alliance Quests Season 8 Short summary :

  • New Bosses and Minibosses.
  • New Challenges.
  • Minions: Ultron Drones, Doom Bots and Symbioids.
  • Alliance Quest New Buffs.
  • Rewards and Glory Store Update.
  • Start Date - 3rd December 2020.

Alliance Quest Season 8: Apocalyptic Mutiny

A new season of Alliance Quest is started in Marvel Contest of Champions from December 3 i.e. AQ Season 8! 

To know more details about AQ Season 8 – Apocalyptic Mutiny. Read Kabam’s Full Update here.

📌 New Season - New Bosses: 

Map 1

Final Boss: Professor X

Mini-Boss (Var 1/2/3): Wolverine

New Buffs: Arc Overload 2.0

Map 2

Final Boss: Professor X

Mini-Boss (Var 1): Beast

New BuffsPhysical Resistance (20%) and PULL!

Map 3

Final Boss: Professor X

New BuffsPower Alternator

Mini-Boss (Var 2): Hulkbuster (Re-balanced)

New BuffsBuff Duration (20%), Removed Special 2 Bias

Map 4

Final Boss: Professor X

New BuffsPower Alternator and Faltering Mind

Mini-Boss (Var 2): Deadpools (Deadpool, Deadpool X, Goldpool, Venompool)

New BuffsAspect of Death, Enhanced Special 2 and Conflictor - 2

Map 5

Final Boss: Apocalypse

New Buffs: Vigor, Empowered Immunity, Stupefy

Mini-Boss (Var 2): Emma Frost

New BuffsPowerful from Afar, Bulk Up and Oscillate - 1

Map 6

Final Boss: Apocalypse

New BuffsVigor, Empowered Immunity, Stupefy

Mini-Boss (Var 1): Bishop

New BuffsNo Hit-M...ercy 3, Soft Guard - 2 and Power Focus 2

Map 7

Final Boss: Apocalypse

New BuffsVigor, Empowered Immunity, Stupefy and Cutting Wires

Mini-Boss (Var 1): Sasquatch (Re-balance)

New BuffsRemoved - Delayed Reaction and 200% Health Boost (Was 300%)

Mini-Boss (Var 2): Magneto

New BuffsPolka Dot Power, Sadist - 2, Flux Dispersal and Physical Resistance (40%)

Mini-Boss (Var 3): Magneto (House of X)

New BuffsHeavy-Hitter, Mighty Charge - 3, Power Struggle, True Strike and Power Snack 2

📌 Looking for Alliance Quest Map?

MCOC AQ Season 8 Bosses and Mini Bosses

📌 For the Map 1-5 minions will now rotate:

  • Doom Bots (Variation 1)
  • Ultron Drones (Variation 2)
  • Symbioids (Variation 3)

📌 New Buffs:

Gene Splicing: Cross Fight: If a Mutant on your team is affected by a: Bleed, Poison, Shock, Incinerate, Coldsnap Debuff for 5 seconds total in a fight, they Purify all of that type of Debuff and reduce the potency of any future Debuffs of that type by 100%. This lasts for the next 3 fights.

Mutagenic Symbiosis: For each Mutant brought on your team, each of your Mutants gains the following abilities:

1 Mutant: Your Offensive Power rate is increased by {5}% per Mutant.

2 Mutants: Each time the Attacker fills a Bar of Power generate a Passive Prowess increasing the Special Attack damage by {15}% per Mutant on your team, this can be stacked {2} times per Mutant brought into the quest.

3 Mutants: Special Attacks become Unblockable while above {4} Prowess. Additionally for each stack of Prowess increase, Attack Rating during Special attacks {10}%.

Mutany: Cross Fight: Entering into a fight with any Mutant without a Mutany Passive, grants them 3 which are Persistant throughout the quest. Each Mutany Passive grants the Attacker with 20% bonus to Ability Accuracy, a +30% Passive Prowess. At the end of every fight, regardless of result, Remove 1 Mutany Passive from the Attacker.

X-ercise Dominance: All #X-Men tagged Attackers gain a 100% chance to gain a 1 second Unblockable Passive when launching a Special Attack. If this champions Special Attack Breaks the opponents Block gain a Passive Fury granting +1500 Attack for 10 seconds.

X-calation: Based on the number of #X-Men tagged champions on your team, #X-Men Attackers gain the following benefits when the opponent is knocked down. These effects all last for 10 seconds per #X-Men on your team:

1 #X-Men: Gain a Vigilance Passive.

2 #X-Men: Gain a True Accuracy Passive.

3 #X-Men: #X-Men tagged champions can Block Unblockable Special Attacks.

K-Meyeke: The most effective AQ champion brought into this quest gets a Passive +200% Fury for the Duration of this quest.

📌 MCOC AQ Season 8 Glory Store Update:

MCOC AQ Season 8 Glory Store Update

📌 MCOC AQ Season 8 Rank Rewards Update:

MCOC AQ Season 8 Rank Rewards Update

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