MCOC | How to Defeat Uncollected Hit Monkey Boss

MCOC Hit Monkey - Spotlight
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Hello friends,
Looking for a guide to defeat Uncollected Hit Monkey? Then checkout following Video Guide + Best champs suggestion.

 Uncollected Event Quest (June 2020) Samurai's Journey!
 Boss - Hit Monkey

😎 Key Of Success = Perfect Champ + Your Skill.

⭐️ Imp Note -  
  • When Hit Monkey is Knocked Down with either Special Attack or Heavy Attack He Activate both Assassin’s Cunning and Primal Rage for 6 second(s). 
  • Hit-Monkey’s two combat modes also provide him with some safety. Assassin’s Cunning will let him Evade an attack that would strike him, and Primal Rage will let him shrug off a Stun or Damaging Debuff. If his both modes is active don't hit him. Hit him after both modes cycle expire.. 
  • So don't knock him down just do basic attack i.e combo hits. otherwise he will activate Primal Rage & Assassin’s Cunning.
  • His SP1 Attack is easy to evade. Don't push him to SP2 Attack..

⭐️ Active Buffs (Node Buffs) On Uncollected Hit Monkey Boss -
  • 3rd special Attack has been activated
  • 150% Attack & Health Boost
  • No Hit-M...ercy 2: Each time the Defender is knocked down they gain a Cruelty Buff granting +350% Critical Damage Rating for 7 seconds. While the Defender has a Cruelty Buff, they can strike with Critical Hits even while the Opponent is blocking.
  • Ohhh-Ohhh Ahhh-Ahhh!: Opponents are treated as #Mercenary for Hit-Monkey's abilities while he is below 35% Health.
  • Safegaurd: Prevents champion from losing more than 1% Health from a single source.
  • Rolling Thunder: This enemy raises Special Attack Damage by 10% for every 10 seconds that pass.
  • Special 1 Bias: This defender is more likely to activates Special Attack 1.

📌 Best Champs to Defeat Uncollected Hit Monkey Boss : 
  • Archangel: Parry + Spam Heavy
  • Blade: Just do basic hits (No Heavy or Special Attack)
  • Nick Fury: Just do basic hits (No Heavy or Special Attack)
  • Havok: Use Special 3 Attack 
  • Gwenpool: Just do basic hits (No Heavy or Special Attack)
  • X23: Just do basic hits (No Heavy or Special Attack)
  • Wolverine: Just do basic hits (No Heavy or Special Attack)

📌 Video Guide :
💥 How to Easily Defeat Hit Monkey (Uncollected)- Marvel Contest of Champions By Jason Voorhees

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