How To Easily Defeat Aegon Uncollected Guide December 2019

Image Credit - MCOC | KABAM

Hello Friends,
Looking for guide to defeat Aegon? Then checkout following Video Guide + Best champs suggestion.

 Uncollected Event Quest : The Trial Of Reed Richards
 Boss - Aegon

😎 Key Of Success = Perfect Champ + Your Skill.

⭐️ Imp Note -  
  • Don't lose your combo meter, after 100 hits of combo meter or being knocked out 5 times, Aegon loose all 5 charges and you can defeat him easily.
  • Power Shield is active so Aegon doesn't take damage from basic attack, Only your special attack deals damage here. 
  • There is no need of any specific champs to defeat Aegon but still following champs will help you to finish fight easily and quickly...

📌 Best Champs to Defeat Aegon Uncollected : 
  • Hyperion (Span Heavy + SP1/SP2/SP3)
  • Loki (Steal Buff - Spam SP1/SP2)
  • Rogue (Steal Buff - Spam SP1/SP2)
  • Morningstar (Spam SP2 for High Damage)
  • Magik (Spam SP2/SP3)
  • Scarlet Witch (Spam SP2/SP3)
  • Symbiote Supreme (Spam SP2/SP3)
  • Mephisto (Spam SP1/SP3)
  • Doctor Strange with High Mystic Dispersion Mastery (Spam SP2/SP3)
  • Ghost (Spam SP1/SP2/SP3)
  • Star Lord (Spam SP2)
  • Stark Spidey (Spam SP2)
  • Corvus Glaive (Use Cosmic Power Boost and Spam SP1/SP2/SP3)

📌 Video Guide : 

💥 How to easliy defeat Aegon | The Trial of Reed Richards By Jason Voorhees【MCOC】

💥 How to EASILY defeat Aegon (Uncollected) Smart Breakdown By Unofficial Kabam Mike


  1. I used my wasp 6 (heavy spam) to knock him down 5 times and killed him. Another option to consider.
    One question: can we use Aegon against Aegon? I mean: if we build a 100+ combo meter along the path, does it apply at the start of the fight against Aegon boss (and thus this boss has no regen at all)?


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