MCOC Alliance War Season 10 (Maps and Node Buff Details)

MCOC Alliance War Season 10

MCOC AW Season 10 - Maps and Node Buff Details

📌 Welcome to the new alliance war season 10! 

Get ready to face the highest level of alliance competition that the contest has to offer!

For the next few weeks, every point earned in the alliance war will count towards your alliance's season score!

Join forces  with your teammates, fight to climb the Leaderboards, and win awesome rewards!  

📌 In alliance war season 10, KABAM/MCOC Team going to implement brand new maps for all Difficulties...
  • Giving Summoners more information to enable you to make more strategic decisions.
  • Giving Summoners more flexibility in their Path choices.
  • Giving Battlegroups more meetup points before taking on minibosses.

📌 The map you fight on is decided by your current tier. 
  • Expert Map - For Tier 1 Only
  • Challenger Map - For Tier 2 to 3
  • Hard Map - For Tier 4 to 7
  • Intermediate Map - For Tier 8 to 10
  • Normal Map - For Tier 11 to 13
  • Easy Map - For Tier 14 to 20

📌 There are 2 New Map layouts being implemented. 

The first is for Alliances that play on Easy or Normal Alliance War Maps and The second is for Alliances that play on Intermediate, Hard, Challenger, or Expert Alliance War Maps.

⚡ Node Details for Tier 1 to Tier 10 Alliances. (Intermediate, Hard, Challenger & Expert Map)

Image Credit - KABAM/MCOC TEAM (Forum Post)

 Node Details for Tier 11 to Tier 20 Alliances. (Normal & Easy Map)

Image Credit - KABAM/MCOC TEAM (Forum Post)

🚩 Update Of Link Node & Local Node Adjustments :

mcoc alliance war placement guide


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