December 2018 Update - Marvel Contest Of Champions

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πŸ“Œ Happy 4th Anniversary, Summoners, and here’s to the many more to come!

➥ v21.1 patch will be available on December 3rd!

➥ New monthly event quest “Knight Rider” will be enter to the quest.

This quest will be starting on the December 5th at 10:00AM PST and will run until January 9th at 10:00AM PST. 

Those attempting Legends runs will have until 10 AM PST on December 19th to 100% explore both Heroic and Master difficulties.

➥ 2 New Champions Enter To The Contest  :  Night Thrasher and Drakhawk.

➥ Kabam is celebrating 4 years of the Contest. Take advantage of : Special Event Calendar, Halls of Healing and Halls of Fortune to gather valuable resources and New Titles as .

➥ Kabam will also introduce a daily quest "Chilled Challenges" event (Coming Mid Month).

➥ Map 6 Update (Coming Mid Month) : With 2 new Mini-Bosses - Mephisto and Yondu, and entirely new enemies throughout, Map 6 is sure to challenge the best Summoners once again!

➥ Titles : Continuing the tradition, log in during the Anniversary Week to claim your special Anniversary title!
★ S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent - For Summoners that have been playing for under a year.
★ Avenger On Call - For Summoners that have been playing for over one year.
★ Seasoned Summoner - For Summoners that have been playing for over two years.
★ Howling Commando - For Summoners that have been playing for over three years.
★ Ancient One - For Summoners that have been a part of the Contest since the very beginning!

  • Γ†GON: Now correctly only has one arm in Menus and Quest Dialogue
  • JUGGERNAUT: Fixed issue so that Juggernaut can no long have 2+ Unstoppable Buffs active.
  • MASACRE: Fixed issue where Disoriented Ability was showing up with wrong text.
  • MEDUSA: Added a slight slide to Heavy Attack when performed against Opponent’s wall.
  • MEPHISTO: Fixed an issue where Mephisto could survive a killing blow once per fight if Ability Accuracy stopped his Regeneration from triggering
  • OMEGA RED: Added text to Info Page to specify that Death Spores and Death Field damage is scaled off Base Attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Boosts that increased a Classes’ Special Attack Damage by 5%/8%/12% were not working.

⚡ For more details check out MCOC Official Forum Post :  

Thank You KABAM

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