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About Hyperion :

An infant cast into space, Hyperion was the only survivor of a dying race, on a dying world. He crashed to Earth, and was found by a man who called himself Father. Father would teach him right from wrong, good from evil, instilling in him a set of morals which would guide him into using his incredible powers as a sworn protector of our world.

Base Abilities :

Fury, Incinerate, Armor Break, Stun

Signature Ability – 

Cosmic Potential : Hyperion’s Eternal physiology becomes even more efficient at storing and converting cosmic radiation, resulting in 50% increased Buff duration.

Synergy Bonuses :

  • Thor – Friend – (+6% Armor)
  • Iron Man – Enemy – (+7% Critical Hit Rate)
  • Doctor Strange – Enemy – (+7% Critical Hit Rate)

Recommended Masteries :

Stupify :
Hyperion’s Special 2 attack has a good chance to land a long stun. Adding another 0.5 seconds to it makes it long enough to trigger both a Heavy attack to trigger Fury bonuses, and still start another combo.

Liquid Courage :
Since Hyperion is immune to Poison, he gains the large Attack bonus and doesn’t take any damage.

Recoil :
Since Hyperion wants to build his Cosmic Charges, in a longer fight he will want to wait a while before starting to use his Special Attacks. During this time, he will be making full use of the Attack bonus without taking any Recoil damage.

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Hyperion Special Moves By Marvel Contest of Champions :

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How to use Hyperion in MCOC

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