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About Gwenpool :

Through unknown means, the avid comic reader Gwen Poole was transported into the world of the comics she loves so much, with all of her memories of the “real” world intact. Unwilling to remain an extra in her own story, she sets out to make a name for herself and to find a way to pay her internet bill. Maybe she can make some money in this Contest thingy? At least it’ll give her something fun to do!

Basic Abilities
  • Bleed, Ennervate, Incinerate, Armor Break

Signature Ability :

Plot Armor : Gwenpool’s read enough comics to know that the main character doesn’t die, preventing her from losing more than 65% of her current health per hit from Special Attacks. She also reduces her opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy, based on her current combo count.

Synergy Bonuses :
  • Howard the Duck – Friends – (+6% Armor)
  • Spider-Man (Miles Morales) – Teammates – (+5% Perfect Block Chance)
  • Deadpool or Deadpool (X-Force) – Idol – (+4% Attack and Health)
  • Thor (Jane Foster) – Enemy – (+7% Critical Hit Rate)

Recommended Masteries :
  • Deep Wounds : This one is a bit of a given. A lot of Gwenpool’s damage comes from her Bleed abilities. Increasing the duration, especially of the shorter bleeds, greatly increases the chance one will be active to refresh one of the Special Attack debuffs.
  • Stupify : Gwen’s on hit stuns are quite short. Adding stupify greatly increases the window you have to react to them, easily allowing her to land safe Heavy Attacks to convert to those nasty long bleeds.
  • Assassin or Despair : Both have the potential to be brutally effective in the correct situation. A Gwenpool with the 30% Offensive Ability accuracy bonus from Assassin makes for a truly terrifying finisher. Whereas the Healing reduction from Despair combined with her many many debuffs has the potential to make Wolverine cry.

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For More Details Visit MCOC Official Page :

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How to use Gwenpool - Marvel Contest Of Champion

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