How to submit support ticket to kabam

How to Write Kabam Tech Support?
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Marvel Contest Of Champions

In a game , players are faced with problem like lag-crash , bugs , & issues associated with the game. In this case contact the support would be the best solution.

Method 1

Click on bellow image to submit a ticket

KABAM Tech Support

Once you have entered, you can open the form to send a comment :

MCOC Submit Support Ticket Form to Kabam

  • Game : Select >> Marvel Contest of Champions.
  • Subject : Specify the reason in short.
  • Description : Describe your issue in details.
  • Category : select according to your problem associated with the game.
  • Player Name : Enter your name which is in game.
  • Browse & attach screenshot for proof.(it is not compulsory)

Method 2

Open marvel contest of champions game in your mobile 
and follow instruction which is mentioned in below image.
How to submit support Ticket to Kabam - Method 2

📌 How To Report Bugs?

Don't forget to mentioned following points :

1) What fights were you in ?
2) Who were you playing ?
3) What synergies do you have active ?
4) What masteries are active ?
5) What buffs were active on the node ?
6) What boosts were active ?

➥ Video Guide :


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